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Digital Farm Animals (ft. Danny Ocean) - Lookin' For | Song Review

    Digital Farm Animals and Danny Ocean have teamed together on the new single ' Lookin' For '. I really love this song, it is super catchy. After the first couple of listens, I already knew the chorus. It also has such a catchy beat to it. Digital Farm Animals is such a good producer that needs way more recognition. When he worked with Louis Tomlinson on the track ' Back To You ', I was hooked. Danny Ocean 's vocals on this track are insane, very well done. Changing to vocals to rapping... I am very impressed. I am literally obsessed with this song. I can't stop playing it. I can really see this song playing in nightclubs, maybe with a little bit of a remix, people would go crazy. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Tiffany Young - Lips on Lips | EP Review

  Tiffany Young is an American singer-songwriter who is best known for being part of one of Kpops most popular girl groups, Girls Generation . She is currently working on her solo projects and she has released her second EP called ' Lips on Lips '. As I am sure everyone knows, Kpop is becoming more and more popular every day so no doubt Kpop stars are going to be the next big things. Personally, I haven't fully gotten into Kpop yet but I discovered Tiffany on the 'New Music Friday' playlist on Spotify and I love the EP. The EP follows the usual Kpop sound but it sounds so grown up. It contains 5 tracks and there isn't a standout, all of the songs are excellent. Tiffany is very talented and this EP really shows her talent in the best way possible. The songs are so fun and catchy. The type of songs that put you in a good mood after a long, stressful day. Tiffany is insanely talented and I hope she gains so much success with this EP. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

James TW - Suitcases | Song Review

  James TW has released his new single, ' Suitcase '. The song is James pleading to his lover, or ex-lover, to not leave him. The significant other is packing their suitcase after an argument, or disagreement and James really don't want that person to walk away and leave him. This is the first song I have heard from James TW and I really love it. The acoustic guitar while he sings is an amazing combination. I think the acoustic guitar sound can get a little boring as we hear it so much but I personally think the acoustic guitar makes a song sound raw and more passionate. James TW is so talented and this song is so good, very well put together and heartfelt lyrics. A very talented songwriter, capturing his feelings and putting them into a song. I am very impressed. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Capri Tha Villin - Call You Back | Song Review

  Capri Tha Villin is an independent rapper, singer and producer based in Canada. He has released multiple single/songs over the last few years - he mainly posts his music to his Soundcloud . Music has previously released consist of ' Prelude to Madness ' (2018), ' Stoddart Creek ' (2018), ' Falls from Unexpected Heights ' (2018) and his newest single ' Call You Back ' (2019). ' Call You Back ' is a slow, RnB song with major vibes. His auto-tuned voice is very prompt throughout this song. I do like this song, however, one thing I would change is the vocals. At one part of the song, you can hear layers of Capri Tha Villin singing different lyrics and it can get confusing - I can't work out what he is saying or singing. I think if he made a few layers a bit quieter, it would make it better. Or even, the lyrics drifting into one and another, fading out before or just as he is going to sing the next line. I am all about being honest on music

Adam Lambert - Feel Something | Song Review

  Adam Lambert has released his new single ' Feel Something '. The song is slow but so passionate and beautiful. His vocals are so smooth and elegant and this track is a perfect single. I usually don't like slow, soft songs but this one I love. Adam has revealed that this song is for his upcoming album and it is just a taster for what is to come - it all sounds very exciting. The track is slightly different from Adam 's previous releases which are usually more out-there and up-beat in terms of sound. The production is toned down and has his vocals behind a simple guitar and piano which makes is so soothing and calming. My favourite song I have heard from him so far. Adam also revealed on his Instagram that his artistic vision has been denied several times with higher-ups in the record label making decisions based on money. His mental health was suffering and he started questioning whether being in the music industry was best for him but he then found a new manage

James Bay (ft. Julia Michaels) - Peer Pressure | Song Review

  James Bay is back with his brand new single ' Peer Pressure ' featuring Julia Michaels . James is so incredibly talented - he has such an amazing voice. Throughout ' Peer Pressure ' he is showing everyone how good he is. The song expresses that he doesn't give in to peer pressure from people, but he would to his love. One that one special person comes into your life that they break down your barrier, and gets to know the real you and gets into your heart and soul. It starts off as an acoustic ballad but slowly the beats sets in. Julia Michaels doesn't have her own separate verse, which is kind of a shame but she is belting lyrics and doing backing vocals for James , I guess. I do wish Julia had her own verse, but I like Julia 's vocals. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Rak-Su - Rome | EP Review

  Rak-Su has finally released new music. The new EP called ' Rome ' is a four track masterpiece in my opinion.   They teased the EP for a while and tricked their fans into thinking the EP, or new music, was being released a week earlier but it was a melody of all four song from the EP.   Since The X-Factor, I have really enjoyed Rak-Su , their original song during the competition and the two singles they have released after have been really good. 'Rome' are another bunch of songs for them to add to their list of bops.   It is also nice to see them experiment with music. For example, I had never heard Myles sing, only rapping, but in ' Stick Around ' we get to hear that. All of the members experiment on this EP and I believe it is a great career move.   I haven't got a favourite from the EP. All the songs seem different, but the same and I love the vibe the songs give off. Well done Rak-Su - such a brilliant EP!   Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

P!nk - Walk Me Home | Song Review

 Everyone knows who P!nk is... Her music was so popular when I was growing up. She has so many iconic hits such as ' Raise Your Glass ', ' Just Give Me A Reason ' and many others. She has not released a new single called ' Walk Me Home ' which seems to be the lead single off her new era. Her next album is being released in April and it is called ' Hurts 2B Human '. P!nk has such a unique but iconic sound - her music is so catchy but also has a catchy beat. Some may say her songs sound the same but I don't think that. I just think P!nk has found a sound that is successful but also comfortable for her. ' Walk Me Home ' is all about strengthening the power of a relationship. Throughout the song, P!nk is serving vocals. It does seem like I have heard this song before, whether it has a sample from a song in that I can't figure out the name or it generally sounds like one of her previous releases. I really like this song and it is already do

Zedd (with Katy Perry) - 365 | Song Review

  Zedd and Katy Perry have teamed up for their new song '365'. When this song was rumoured on Social Media, I was very excited. Katy Perry is one of my favourite artists - I have personal memories with her music and Katy never released a song that I don't like. '365' is all about having your love interested in your mind 24/7 - 365 days a year. It seems like Katy is singing about never leaving her partner. Another love song, pleading the love from one to the other. Obviously,  Katy is serving vocals and catchy lyrics with an amazing beat from Zedd . It is such a fun song with the same sound Katy Perry is best known her. I love how Katy stays with the same style but makes it different each time. Does this mark the start of her new era? I hope so, I am excited. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Lizzo - Cuz I Love You | Song Review

  Lizzo has released her new single called ' Cuz I Love You '. This year was the first time I had heard of Lizzo ; ever since she released her last single ' Juice ' in January 2019. I thought it was such a fun song so I kept an eye out for her. ' Cuz I Love You ' is such a good song and I am glad I have discovered Lizzo . Her music seems to have a comedy aspect to it, which I enjoy, and it is something new for me. I can't deny, she is an amazing vocalist who spreads body positive vibes. The mixture of vocals and rapping throughout this song really sets it off, such a talented lady who needs to be discovered by so many more people. ' Cuz I Love You ' also sounds like a song that I could hear in a musical. I had so much fun listening to this song and I would love to see her live in concert. Lizzo is certainly an artist everyone needs to keep an eye out for - she will be smashing the charts anytime soon. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Why Don't We - Cold In LA | Song Review

  Why Don't We have released a new song called ' Cold In LA '. I am a huge fan of this group - their debut album '8 Letters' is one of my favourite albums of 2018, I had it on repeat for a while! ' Cold In LA ' follows their sound which was on their debut album. Their sound is always so catchy and I love it. A great way for the song to stick in peoples heads! The group are very talented writers and they have insane vocal capabilities and ' Cold In LA ' continues to show their talent. They haven't proper broken into the UK charts yet but I know they will, they have too. The song is about them trying to save a beautiful romantic relationship from being ruined. Pleading over and over again to their lovers to stay with them and not leave them. They need the warmth of their love interest’s love and presence to successfully navigate the coldness of the city of LA. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Bebe Rexha - Last Hurrah | Song Review

  Bebe Rexha is one of my favourite break-out artists of 2017/2018. I am a huge fan of her debut album ' Expectations ' and she has now released her new song titled ' Last Hurrah ' which marks the beginning of Bebe 's new era. ' Last Hurrah ' is an upbeat song all about making better decisions in life - you could say giving herself a second chance to improve or remove the toxic things that may be in the way. The song is full of catchy lyrics and an infectious tune - a good lead single for the new era. I am very excited to see what Bebe delivers throughout this new era. Her unique voice and amazing writing capabilities really show she is a true artist. Bebe has been pushed to the back for most of her career; doing vocals on a song but not getting credit for them but it is her time to shine and she has shown, by her last album, that she can be a powerful female artist with smash hits. I am very proud! Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Cardi B (ft. Bruno Mars) - Please Me | Song Review

  Cardi B and Bruno Mars have collaborated again on their new track ' Please Me '. The duo first came together and released ' Finesse (Remix) ' in 2018 which smashed the charts. I have to say, this duo is something special. I think their musical chemistry is amazing and their styles fit together so well. I'm not a psychic or anything but I think we will be seeing many more collaborations with these two in the future. ' Please Me ' is all about... The intimate time in the bedroom with another individual. From the listening to the lyrics to this song, it is pretty obvious. I can imagine the 'grinding challenge' coming back with this song... Again, I am not a psychic. I have to admit, Cardi and Bruno are very good songwriters and they are both giving really good vocals. the mixture of rapping and subtle vocals - amazing! This song also does give me ' Finesse (Remix) ' vibes. I seem to follow the same kind of sound and rhythm which is very

Maisie Peters - Stay Young | Song Review

  Maisie Peters has released her new single called ' Stay Young '. I have been keeping an eye on Maisie for some time now. I first heard about her when she released her first single and her music hasn't been ' my cup of tea '. She is insanely talented but her previous work isn't something I would listen to. I have been holding back because I knew she would, at some point, release a single that I absolutely love... And she has - ' Stay Young ' is such a good song and my favourite she has released. The song starts with a slow start, which sounds like a guitar in the background and then the beat slowly gets introduced. When the song gets to the chorus, her vocals reach out and it seems to get a burst of life. I love it - the lead up to the chorus between each verse is amazing. Such a talented singer that needs more recognition. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

YUNGBLUD (with Halsey ft. Travis Barker) - 11 Minutes | Song Review

  YUNGBLUD has released a new song with Halsey featuring Travis Barker  called ' 11 Minutes ' and it is a masterpiece. I think any song that involves Halsey is a masterpiece because she is brilliant. Her unique voice and the smash hit she has released in the past. I love her as an artist. The song seems to cross Pop/RnB with Grime/Rock which normally you wouldn't put together but this song works. I really like the combination of different genres in one song. Halsey and YUNGBLUD serving vocals and I think this could be a smash hit - I am a huge fan. The sound of drums really sets this song off too which is by Travis Barker - best known for being the drummer in Blink 182. “The song tells the story of a perfect tragedy that reflects modern love within our society,” YUNGBLUD said in a statement. “We are so distracted and focused on what’s next, we can fail to see what is actually in front of us. We don’t realise how much we need something until it’s taken away from us.”

Baby Ariel - I Heart You | Song Review

 Internet sensation, Baby Ariel , has released her new single titled ' I Heart You '. I always love Baby Ariel 's music because it is so artistic and it has a Kawaii feel to it. Catchy lyrics and a catchy sound. She may not be giving the long, powerful, high notes in this song but it is still equally excellent. The song is all about the struggles within a relationship, hurting each other but still loving each other. Throughout the lyric video for this song, there seems to be a lover for Baby Ariel , but I don't want to say anything more than that unless she confirms it herself - it may just be a friend or character that is portraying her lover for the video. I always get really excited for Baby Ariel 's music and this is a really good, catchy song. Her aesthetic is most impressive. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Avril Lavigne (ft. Nicki Minaj) - Dumb Blonde | Song Review

 Ahead of her sixth studio album, ' Head Above Water ' (which is out now but it isn't out when I am writing this!), Avril Lavigne released a new song called ' Dumb Blonde ' featuring Nicki Minaj . The track sounds like the 'old' Avril Lavigne - back to her original sound that we all love. This makes me very excited for her album. I expected a new sound, something similar to the lead single ' Head Above Water ' - I thought she might have grown out of this song but I guess she hasn't. I haven't got any complaints about it though. While I am writing this, her album hasn't been released but I am very excited. ' Dumb Blonde ' is an anthem and empowering track about proving haters, or people in general, wrong and not letting people stereotype you because of the way you look. The song was originally a solo, but a verse by Nicki Minaj was added a few weeks before the album release. Obviously,  Nicki 's verse is very empowering, s

Dermot Kennedy - Lost | Song Review

 This is my first time listening to Dermot Kennedy but his latest single ' Lost ' is a really good song to start on. The songwriting, the background music and his vocals are really insane. His raspy voice during the chorus really shows the passion and the feeling behind the lyrics Dermot is singing. I feel like this is such a personal song to Dermot . ' Lost ' is a song everyone can relate too. Everyone has been lost within their life at some point and in different situations. People need to listen to this song, this guy is so extremely talented and this has got to be one of my favourite songs that have been released in 2019 so far. Overall Rating: ★★★★★  

David Guetta (ft. Brooks & Loote) - Better When You're Gone | Song Review

  David Guetta is back with a club hit song. He is best known for his catchy and loud dance tracks. This time, he is teamed up with Brooks and Loote on the new track called ' Better When You're Gone '. David Guetta has been able to - once again - create a great festival/night club banger. I can see myself, after quite a few drinks, dancing my life away to this song. But, I have to admit, it sounds very familiar and doesn't sound any different from what David usually releases. The vocals by Loote are really good, I am very impressed but I am a little disappointed with the backing music. I am sure David has worked really hard on this song, alongside Loote and Brooks but I always look for how artists progress with their music. David Guetta has certainly progressed over the years but it seems to stay the same as well. It is still a really good song and it is certainly going to be a hit at festivals and night clubs. Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆  

MARINA - Handmade Heaven | Song Review

    MARINA ( best known as Marina and the Diamonds ) has released a new song titled ' Handmade Heaven '. Extreme, insane ( in a good way ), talented, opera-like vocals give me chills throughout this song. Such a good slow but still kind of upbeat song. It is such a magical song - it reminds me of a Lana Del Rey song. This song is the lead single to her fourth album but  MARINA has revealed that this single isn't a 'good' representation of her upcoming album. If I am being completely honest, as good as this song is, it doesn't seem like a shout out single - it feels to me more like a promotional single for the album. It makes people wonder and theorise what the rest of the album will sound like but I am sure there was a better choice for the lead single. I still really like this song, it is a good representation of MARINA 's vocal and song-writing capabilities. The song seems to also be written in a poem style which I love. Fantastic songwriting and fant

Rule of Young - Surrender | Song Review

  Rule of Young is a Cleveland-based band using piano, split male-female lead vocals and upright bass to create music that is dark, progressive, and redefines pop. The group consists of Nico Noir ( right ), Catherine Calabrese ( centre ) and Kevin Thompson ( left ). They have released their new single ' Surrender ' which was produced by multi-platinum producer, Jim Wirt ( Incubus , Fiona Apple , Something Corporate ) and he helped polish their sound and single. It can sometimes be hard to combine female and male vocals on a song but Rule of Young seem to achieve an amazing mixture of both vocals. Having a lead male and female vocalist really works for this group - this kind of chemistry in music rarely happens and is hard to find. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the vocals in this song - as well as the piano, bass and other instruments that some people seem to forget in the background... But I certainly don't ever forget. I also think this song could be a huge suc

Meghan Trainor - The Love Train | EP Review

  Meghan Trainor last released an album in 2017 which was titled ' Thank You '. Fans have been waiting for her next album which was going to be released in 2018 called ' Treat Myself ' but it seems to have been cancelled - or still in the works to make it even better than it was going to be. However, Meghan has released a new EP called ' The Love Train '. I am very excited about this release because I am a huge fan of Meghan Trainor . I find her voice so unique so when I had heard that she was releasing new music, I was very excited. The new EP, ' The Love Train ', is full of vocals and talent - I am a huge fan of this EP. Especially the song ' After You '. I had never really taken the time to listen to a full Meghan Trainor album before but I NEVER expected vocals like what is on ' After You '. That song and ' Foolish ' are my favourites from the EP.   I hope we do get to hear the full album that was cancelled one day... May

Jake Quickenden - Afraid To Be Lonely | Song Review

 After his last release of ' When You Kissed Him ', Jake Quickenden has released his next single ' Afraid To Be Lonely '. Throughout the new track, Jake is giving vocals after vocals with an acoustic guitar in the background. You can hear all the passion and feel through his voice. Jake has revealed that he started writing this song 3 years ago but I guess it takes time to produce a masterpiece, which this song is. Jake never disappoints with his lyrics and vocals - his song is true to him, taken from the heart which I applaud. Taking experiences and feelings from his own life and turning them into an art form that is music really takes some talent. Everyone should really take a listen to this song Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Ariana Grande - thank u, next | Album Review

 Just 5 months and 22 days after the release of her fourth studio album ' sweetener ', Ariana Grande has released a new studio album called ' thank u, next '. The highly anticipated album is a masterpiece, there is no song that I would skip. My personal favourites from the album are ' NASA ', ' bloodline ', ' fake smile ' and ' break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored '. I honestly never thought Ariana could top her last album ' sweetener '... But she has. ' thank u, next ' seems more mature in a weird way - no shade to Pharrel (who produced most of the ' sweetener ' album) but ' thank u, next ' is better produced. Even after a small space of time, Ariana is showing so much progression. Can't forget to mention the vocals throughout the album - amazing! This new era is going to be a huge success for Ariana . We have already seen the success so far with the singles ' thank u, next ', &#

New Hope Club - Permission | Song Review

  New Hope Club have released a new song called ' Permission '. The group consists of  Reece Bibby , Blake Richardson and George Smith . They are best known for supporting The Vamps on their tours. This is my first time listening to New Hope Club but this catchy track is upbeat and compelling, with close harmonies and a bouncy dance rhythm - a really good first single for me to hear. I am a huge fan. Speaking of the new single, ‘ Permission ’, George Smith said: " We are so excited for ‘Permission’ to come out; we love this song and can’t wait to play it live. We think it’s awesome that none of our fans has heard this one before, we hope they enjoy it. " From what I have seen on Social Media, fans love this song and I really think this could be a break-out single for the group. Such a fun, high-energy song. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Khalid - Talk | Song Review

 Khalid has teamed up with Disclosure on his new track ' Talk '. The song was co-written and produced by Disclosure . The song takes a little while to get to any lyrics but I like the build-up. Then, all of a sudden, Khalid's vocals hit you and the beat drops. I love this song - Khalid has a relaxing voice and he releases banger after banger. The song sees Khalid pleading to his love interest to talk to him, sort things out that has happened. I imagine playing this song in the summer, driving my car (when I eventually pass my test) with the windows down, bopping my head along with the song. Khalid has had such a successful career so far and by the looks of it, he will continue with songs like this. I am a huge fan of this song and Khalid as an artist - he is very creative with his music. Overall Review: ★★★★☆

The Chainsmokers (ft. 5 Seconds of Summer) - Who Do You Love | Song Review

  The Chainsmokers are back with a new single called ‘ Who Do You Love ’ featuring 5 Seconds of Summer ! When I heard about this collaboration, I was quite excited because, first of all, The Chainsmokers are best known for their smash hits and 5 Seconds of Summer are just insanely talented and I really enjoy the music I have listened from them. This collaboration turned out to be a success for me - amazing vocals and really amazing production. Still sticks with the same ‘sound’ 5 Seconds of Summer are best known for but also stays in the lane The Chainsmokers are best known for. An amazing mix of sounds that created a masterpiece. The catchy tune and catchy chorus really set this song up. The brilliant build-up to the chorus as well. An obvious beat drop, which I expected- I really think this song would sound so good live.   Overall Rating: ★★★★☆  

Lexytron - I'm Not A Disco | Song Review

  Meet The Artist: Lexytron Manchester-born singer-songwriter, Lexytron , first got involved with music at a young age playing the piano and violin. She released her debut single in 2018 called ' Blackmail ' which is the lead single from her upcoming album ' Something Blue '. The album is set to be released mid-2019. She has now released her second single from the upcoming album. The new single is called ' I'm Not A Disco ' which is a female-empowered electropop anthem. Throughout the song, Lexytron throws football metaphors at a character's ( or her own? ) former love interest and kicks him in the guts with lyrics such as '' I'm not a glitterball ''.   If I am being honest, electric pop-kind-of music is not a go-to for me - I don't seem to have a 'connection' with the music but this lively song automatically puts me in a good mood and all I want to do is get up from my desk chair and dance around my room. The song w

Ariana Grande (ft. 2 Chainz) - 7 Rings (Remix) | Song Review

  Ariana Grande has released a remix/feature of her popular, flexing track ' 7 Rings ' featuring 2 Chainz . I have already posted an in-depth review of the original version of ' 7 Rings ' ( click here ) but if I am being honest, I think I prefer this remix version. 2 Chainz adds something new and different to the track and it fits. usually, when artists add a rapper or a feature to a song that they have already released, to me it seems odd and I don't usually like them but I really like this remix. Again, as I said in my last review for the original song - this song makes me feel poor but I am here for it. Ariana 's fifth studio album is being released on the 8th February called ' thank u, next '. I am really excited about it - especially with the hits she has released from the album so far. Overall Review: ★★★★★

Byron Langley - Gold | Song Review

 After the release of his debut single ' Light On ', Byron Langley has released a new single called ' Gold ' onto all digital platforms. The multiple instruments in the background with an indie-pop/rock tune really set this song off. Byron is best known for his acting in such films as ' Spud ', ' Spud 2 ' and ' The Kissing Booth ' and he is also friends with internet sensations Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee and that is how I discovered this song and his music. It is nice to see Byron delve into a different industry than he has previously done. I am sure the film industry and the music industry are completely different but it is good to show off his many talents. I really like this song - it reminds me of a summers day, the sun is beaming and the temperatures are rising. A kind of song that you would play at a family or friends party. I can imagine a remix of this song to be featured in clubs would be amazing. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Olivia O'Brien - Love Myself | Song Review

  Olivia O'Brien writes an open letter to herself in her new single ' Love Me '. As the title says, the song is all about finding love for yourself. People are always comparing themselves to other people - even when they aren't realising it. It isn't healthy at all and I think it is really good for Olivia to open it out in a song for others to relate too. You are unique, everything on Instagram is only a glimpse into someone's life - their life isn't like that all the time and they may have the same insecurities as you. The single cover is very interesting for this song. You see a doll or Barbie version of Olivia looking into the mirror to see the actual Olivia . People always say that Barbie's are perfect and they want to look exactly like that so what I get from this single cover is that she is perfect, everyone is perfect but looking in the mirror at yourself and comparing yourself to others is not right. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Martin Jensen (with James Arthur) - Nobody | Song Review

  Martin Jensen has teamed up with James Arthur on their new track called ' Nobody '. I might have missed it, but I have never really heard James Arthur on a song like this and I love it. I can imagine it being a great hit as festivals. James Arthur has such a unique, powerful voice with a husky undertone. Such a talented singer and his vocals on this track are insane. My favourite part of the song is certainly the chorus, such a catchy beat and lyrics - even if it is only the same one-three words being sung. Martin Jensen also did a very good job on this song - he always produces bangers and this is another one to add to the list. People sometimes forget that the producers also put in so much work into the music they produce but because their name isn't on the single, no one really praises them - including me - but I am glad producers are now getting more recognition. ' Nobody ' is such a good dance song. This collaboration has got to be one of the best of

ALMA - When I Die | Song Review

  ALMA is back with another hit! She has such original ideas when creating music and ' When I Die ' is another one to put on her list. I love how fun this song is - she is telling people to 'motherf**kin dance' when she dies. It sounds like she is planning her own funeral already. People could call this song 'edgy' but I would call it unique and full of talent. I love it when artists experiment and don't follow what the latest trend is on the charts. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Billie Eilish - bury a friend | Song Review

  Billie Eilish was one of the break-through artists in 2018. My Twitter feed was literally filled with Billie and I couldn't really understand the hype... Until now. Billie has now released her new single called ' bury a friend ' that is from her upcoming album that will be released later this year. Her vocals are so unique and her take on music is so different from what I have really heard before - I am actually surprised I like this type of music. Billie is best known for her chilling vocals and amazing songwriting - she is also very aesthetically pleasing strangely... She is very edgy. I can certainly see this song being featured in a horror film and I can see Billie having a very successful in 2019. Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

Gabbie Hanna - Medicate | Song Review

 YouTube sensation, Gabbie Hanna , best known for her 'MoNsTEEEEERRRRR' meme has released her third single from her upcoming album. ' Medicate ' is different from the songs she has previously released. ' Honestly ' and ' Monster ' was more upbeat and showed Gabbie 's huge voice but ' Medicate ' is a lot slower, with a piano in the background and a beat slowing showing itself later in the song, soft and gentle vocals and meaningful lyrics. It is good for an artist to show variety with their voice - it shows they are capable to release more than one type of song or music. I really like this song. Gabbie has been at the receiving end of some negative internet trolling at the end of 2018 so it seems to be good timing to release this as her next single. When listening to the lyrics, there could be a few stories behind the song- one is dealing with mental health. Living in the age of the internet can take a toll on your mental health, especially

Little Mix (ft. Ty Dolla Sign) - Think About Us | Song Review

 After the success of ' Woman Like Me ', British girl supergroup, Little Mix , have released their second official single called ' Think About Us ' featuring Ty Dolla $ign . This is their first single under RCA Records UK after their split from Syco in late 2018. The song is about either a break-up with a lover or a break the couple may be taking for a short while. One thing I love about music is you can interpret songs to your own meaning. The artist may have had a storyline while writing the song but you can mould it to something you have experienced. Of course, the girls are serving amazing vocals and other dance-able tracks. Perrie belting out the chorus and Jade , Jesy and Leigh-Anne serving all the vocals we need in their verses. Throughout their ' LM5 ' album, each girl really shines and I am so happy that they have been able to finally release the music they have always wanted to create. Ty Dolla $ign 's verse was one thing fans was

Lauv (ft. Troye Sivan) - i'm so tired... | Song Review

  Lauv 's is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for singles such as ' I Like Me Better ', ' There's No Way (ft. Julia Michaels) ', ' Superhero ', ' Enemies ', ' Never Not ' and many more. In 2018, Lauv released ' i met you when I was 18 (the playlist) ' which was a compilation of some new songs, some singles he has already released and his smash hits. Lauv has now released his catchy new single called ' I'm so tired... ' featuring Troye Sivan . This is my first time listening to Lauv - I haven't really heard or listened to any of his songs, that I know of. But I have to admit, after this collaboration with Troye Sivan , I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out. This collaboration is really good, I really enjoy it. Troye Sivan has a calming, soothing and gentle voice but with the mixture of a Lauv 's vocals makes this song a masterpiece. I am a huge fan of this son

Ally Brooke (ft. Tyga) - Low Key | Song Review

 Ex- Fifth Harmony member, Ally Brooke , has finally released her highly anticipated debut single as a solo artist called ' Low Key ' featuring Tyga . The song sees Ally sing in a soft, seductive way with a Latino-kind-of sound in the background - which really reminds me of ' Havana ' by Camila Cabello ... The track sees Tyga doing a rap verse after Ally sings the chorus which is actually pretty lowkey ( pun intended ) than what we usually hear from him but I like it. ' Low Key ' is all about Ally seducing all the guys in the club - making it known that they should get to know her. The song seems to stay on the same tone throughout which, if I am being honest, I am disappointed with - I expected a little more from Ally . Her vocals throughout her time in Fifth Harmony was insane, so this for me is a bit disappointing but it's still a good song. Maybe she will shock us all with future releases.   Overall Rating: ★★★☆ ☆