Bebe Rexha - Last Hurrah | Song Review

 Bebe Rexha is one of my favourite break-out artists of 2017/2018. I am a huge fan of her debut album 'Expectations' and she has now released her new song titled 'Last Hurrah' which marks the beginning of Bebe's new era.

'Last Hurrah' is an upbeat song all about making better decisions in life - you could say giving herself a second chance to improve or remove the toxic things that may be in the way. The song is full of catchy lyrics and an infectious tune - a good lead single for the new era.

I am very excited to see what Bebe delivers throughout this new era. Her unique voice and amazing writing capabilities really show she is a true artist. Bebe has been pushed to the back for most of her career; doing vocals on a song but not getting credit for them but it is her time to shine and she has shown, by her last album, that she can be a powerful female artist with smash hits. I am very proud!

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