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Sarah Close - Cool | Song Review

 Sarah Close has released a fun and quirky new single titled 'Cool' ahead of her new album 'And Now, We're Shining'. This is more of a fun song than her usual serious releases but I'm not saying this song doesn't have an important message... Because it does. I love Sarah as an artist - she has such a good style of music, fun and energetic is what I need. The song is all about people acting 'cool' and not being their true authentic self. We are in the age of social media and it comes with negatives such as copying other people because it is deemed as being 'cool'. Sarah is telling her listeners to be themselves and not follow the crowd which is something people really need to hear. She also explores this within the music video too: When analysing the lyrics, Sarah is telling people to not copy the crowd and to be your own independent person. The starting lyrics made me really open my eyes to the message of this song You

Mae Muller - Therapist | Song Review

 Mae Muller has released her new single titled 'Therapist' and it really is a vibe. She has a way with music which makes me feel so calm while listening - all thoughts disappear for the full duration of the song. She has the power of making me feel each lyric and vocal in this song. Mae first teased this song when she was a support act for Little Mix during their LM5 Tour and it had fans excited. The song discusses a relationship that is very one-sided. Trying to make a relationship work when the other half really doesn't need a relationship. Mae isn't a therapist and that is what she is letting out throughout the song. As much as she loves the person in question, there is only so much she can do. Her soft but powerful vocals are really amazing to listen too. It is a mixture of pop, RnB and soul, a perfect blend for a perfect song. The video to this song really tells the story as well. Mae Muller is certainly an artist we need to keep an eye out fo

Halsey - Manic | Album Review

 Halsey has finally released her third studio album titled 'Manic'. I have loved Halsey's music ever since her debut album and I was really excited about this release. 'Manic' seems to be a lot more honest and raw than her previous albums which I really like. The title of the album really represents what is present within the album - it is a little all over the place but it still really works. There is a mixture of genres. What I really like about this album is it doesn't follow a normal musical sound as other albums do - it is something new, original and different. I have to admit, I don't like this album as much as her previous releases but it is still a great album. While listening to each song, you can really have an insight into what Halsey was going through at the time of the writing process. The album features huge hits that we have heard before such as 'Without Me' (which wasn't originally going to be on the album) and 'Grav

Khalid - Eleven | Song Review

 Khalid is back with his new single 'Eleven'. He always has such a vibey take to music and I always find his music relaxing and this song is exactly the same. The song tells the story of Khalid driving around at night with his crush, checking them out while they are sat in the passenger seat. There is always a thing about driving at night - I have to admit, sometimes I prefer driving at night because there is no one on the roads but there is also something romantic about driving at night. His is generally pleading his love for someone, whether they love him back or not. The production of this song is so soothing and doesn't overpower his vocals which I really like. His vocals throughout are outstanding, I really think Khalid has found his style and unique take to his music which is really exciting to see. This song is rumoured to be the second single to his upcoming album and 'Eleven' is his first song of 2020 after his last release in November 2019. I

Megan Thee Stallion (with Normani) - Diamonds | Song Review

 Megan Thee Stallion and Normani have teamed up on a new song titled 'Diamonds' which is the lead single to the Birds of Prey album (to go with the original motion picture to be released in February 2020). I am becoming a huge fan of Normani and this collaboration is exactly what I needed. The fun, upbeat, sassy tune really gets me in the mood to dance. Kicking off the song with the classic line 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' which grips listeners straight away. Telling the story behind the song straight away. The production from the start is inviting and really fun to go along with the lyrics. It is quite the female-empowering song with Megan Thee Stallion adding the lyric 'supershero' into her verse. Very fitting for the film - high energy. Megan Thee Stallion really knows how to rap - as trendy people would say - she is spitting bars. Her verses are very fast-paced, quite iconic really. Normani's smooth vocals really work on this tra

Mac Miller - Good News | Song Review

 'Good News' is Mac Miller's first single release since his unfortunate death in September 2018. According to many sources, he was working on this project around the time he released/ was working on his last album which is titled 'Swimming'. This is the lead single to his upcoming album 'Circles' set to be released on the 17th January 2020. Throughout the song, Mac is pleading for some good news, instead of the negativity, he is feeling. He is asking for a break from everything which certainly hits a lot different now under the circumstances. He really was putting his true, raw feelings into the music he releases. I get quite sad listening to this song, he was really pouring his heart out, struggling with his own mental health and we all know how that ended. Mac Miller will forever stay in everyone's memory. Rest in peace Mac Miller. The production of this song is really good - it sort of sounds like a live band on a beach, really relaxing.

Selena Gomez - Rare | Album Review

Selena has finally released her second (or third?) studio album titled ' Rare '. This is something myself and her fans have been waiting for since her last album ' Revival ' which was released in 2015. Off the bat, I have been listening to her album since it released and I love the album! It seems to fit her aesthetic very well which is weird to say. The production seems quite minimalist which really suits her voice. It also seems more personal than her last album which shows she has been given more creative control of the album and Selena has been super honest and raw with the lyrics. She released the lead single for the era ' Lose You To Love Me ' and ' Look At Her Now ' in 2019 to kickstart this new era which was a very good idea. They both give a different side of Selena's creative/vocal capability and they both tell a story. ' Lose You To Love Me ' is about a break-up and talks about the struggle that she and other people face at the en

Lauv - Changes | Song Review

 Ahead of the release of his debut album ' ~how i'm feeling~' , Lauv has released a new single titled 'Changes'. When I first heard the snippet that he had posted onto his Twitter, I was taken back a little. From the first moment, I could hear the emotion behind the song. Lauv also explained that he started this song when life wasn't working for him. The song talks about changing yourself for the better. The lyrics are outstanding, you can really hear the passion in his voice. Some people say music is like having a journal - writing all your emotions and putting all your feelings on paper and 'Changes' really represents that. Every lyric is written so well and you can really hear the passion throughout the song. I am looking forward to his debut album, Lauv has such an artistic take to music and every piece he has released I have really enjoyed! Lauv's fans are able to relate and take something from this song with it being so personal. A lot

Oh Wonder - Happy | Song Review

 The London-based duo, Oh Wonder, have released a new single titled ' Happy ' which is about how happy they are to see their ex-lover move on and find someone new instead of a song about heartbreak that we usually hear from artists. This is my first time listening to Oh Wonder and I am really impressed. ' Happy ' is such a calming and uplifting song. As much as a break up is dishearting, there is a point where you are happy to see the ex-lover happy with someone else. It might take a while and you have to find happiness within yourself too. They first performed this song at a secret gig in London and it is set to be featured on their upcoming third studio album ' No One Else Can Wear Your Crown '. I really like the message this song betrays. Putting a bad situation into a positive is the kind of music we need to hear. Also, the representation of a break-up is usually negative when it always isn't. Oh Wonder is able to put their heart and soul into music,

Ava Max - On Somebody | Song Review

Ava Max has released another single named 'On Something' to finish the amazing year she had in 2019 and to begin the year of 2020. She was the true breakthrough artist of 2019 with her smash hit 'Sweet but Psycho'. Ava has still yet to release her album but there are rumours that this song will be apart of the project. The song follows a similar theme that all of her songs do - a catchy beat with powerful lyrics and vocals. Ava always seems to be the artist that experiments with vocals and sounds on all her songs - she is a very original artist, a little edgy and just a really good pop star. The song is all about leaving a lover and seeing them move on with someone else so a lot of pain has been put into the song. The production of this song is perfect and at the right level to compliment her vocals. Sometimes, with Ava's music, the production can be too much and can swallow her vocals and be very overpowering but this is the perfect mix. You are able to

Justin Bieber - Yummy | Song Review

 Justin Bieber is back with a new single - the lead single to his next studio album - his first album since his 2015 release titled 'Purpose'. This release was highly anticipated and had everyone talking. Justin took a break - a well-deserved break - collaborating with artists every so often over the years. I have to admit, his last studio album is a really good album, all songs were great and I fully enjoyed the album so I am excited to hear his next body of work. 'Yummy' was released on Friday 3rd January and he has the fans talking since. This song seems to be following the same kind of theme as his last album did, a fresh RnB vibe with fiery vocals that move along on a trap beat. The song contains a crisp bassline and plinking keyboards. Bieber rap-sings the pre-chorus, while he hits his signature falsetto in the bridge. He also seems to be repeating the name of the track a lot which can be a good thing as it will stay in peoples heads for days. I first listene