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Meet The Artist: Sam Sky

For the 3rd episode of 'Meet The Artist', I spoke with Sam Sky all about his music, how his career started and much more! Watch the full interview below:
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When reality became too much, ELUNIA created an alternative existence. A singer-songwriter-producer executing all of her own visuals, the New Hampshire-based recording artist captures the endless meaning of human interaction as an immersive experience. Each track delves beneath the surface, with striking electronic textures, soaring melodies, and observant, probing lyrics. Although trained in music from an early age, it was the discovery of transforming feelings into creative entities that inspired the emerging songsmith to chart a different path. The multi-instrumentalist began writing and producing incessantly, hiding away in school practice rooms as a coping mechanism for the isolation she faced in the world around her. Fragments of thought, often noted in the midst of heart-wrenching moments, evolved into ethereal, liquid atmospheres. The result is a flood of wild self-expression channelled through thoughtfully-moulded soundscapes. In 2018, a chance conversation with multi-million

Voix - Push

Voix is the artist alias of the songwriting & production team, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith. Their undeniably melodic characteristic boasts elements of commercial pop with a distinctively alternative signature edge. Their style fuses Pop and Dance and is driven by guitar-based harmony and supplemented by effortless melody, which makes for a unique musical landscape that is steadily and surely establishing itself as deeply emotionally connective and chart-worthy. Early supporters, Stereo Stickman label Voix as “ever-immersive” describing their December 2020 single, ‘Breathless’ as “expertly produced and performed with a certain emotive, passionate softness that connects within seconds”. Brian Peel of Australia’s JOY 94.9FM has touted Voix as “ones to look out for” in 2021.  A debut year has included independently racking up more than a million streams on all platforms in 91 countries across the world and this enterprising, independent duo are scheduled to double their efforts in 202

Emily Lockett - Do You Wanna Go Out?

Emily is a UK based independent music artist, writing and performing in the country/pop, singer/songwriter genres, she is also a music student at BIMM Manchester. Emily has opened for many international touring country/Americana and folk artists such as - Emily Barker (Aus) Sara Beth Trio/Royal South (US), Madison Violet (Can), Jessica Lynn (US), Robert Vincent (UK), Jess & The Bandits (US) and Morganway (UK) and performed in a variety of venues around the UK e.g. Gulliver’s and Jimmy’s in Manchester, The Bodega, Nottingham with festivals slots at Latitude Festival, The Black Deer Festival, 110 Above Festival and The British Country Music Festival. During the 2020 lockdown, Emily has been busy working on her third EP called ‘Paint The Town Red‘ featuring already released singles ‘That Girl’ and ‘Front Porch’. The EP is a mixture of contemporary,  edgy country-pop/rock tracks.  Emily’s last single ‘Front Porch' was well received by national radio. Matt Spracklen from Country Hit

Julie Hicklin & VIZCAYA - IT'S A SIN

JULIE HICKLIN is a London based Singer/Songwriter with a gift for top line melody and hook lines. She has collaborated with numerous producers, musicians and writers and provided material for labels including Mutesong, Polygram, Botchit, ZTT and Warners, Julie has also written top lines for TV ads including Evian, Freshbrew and FabergĂ©, pitched for major ad campaigns and showcased on BBC Soundtracks.  Having been a featured Artist/Writer on various projects she has now launched a solo project under her own name.  Julie is fashioning a new chapter in her career, writing songs that have compelling hooks, conjure emotion and resonate with the listener.  From slow burning, dancefloor-friendly tracks to haunting ballads, they are soundscapes for film, TV and a sonic journey of life, love and human experience. She joins forces with VIZCAYA for the release of IT'S A SIN. A cover of the Pets Shop Boys song It's A Sin (1987). The current global TV show of the same name has drawn attenti

Nille Nyc - Someone Else

Nille Nyc is a Danish recording artist who creates dark electro-pop with haunting vocals and melodic compositions. Her music is a nice blend of up-beat tracks and thoughtful slow-moving ballads, always wrapped in an urban electro-vibe. Having released her debut ep in 2020, Nille now works on her first full-length album, which shows Nille's passion for RnB, pop and electronic music, still combined with Nille Nyc's edgy vocals. The first teaser from the album, Someone Else, is released 26th of March on all digital platforms. 'Someone Else' tells the story of looking back at a toxic relationship from a much better place. Moving on in order to grow is important for all human beings. With a strong RnB vibe and Nille's edgy vocals, 'Someone Else' could be the track you need to find your inner power.  LISTEN TO THE SONG BELOW: Nille Nyc · Someone Else

Gauri Paighan - Making Love

Making love is the track about how rare it is to choose love over lust these days as it is the most expensive thing. Good things are always the hardest and bad always the easiest.  However, we reap what we sow, when we choose true love over anything else the butterflies are unexplainable when we give that love a meaning while making love, Gauri explains with her new single. LISTEN TO THE SONG BELOW: Gauri Paighan · Making love

Prodigal - When We Bleed

Prodigal is an Alternative Pop/Rock artist from Finland. The nature of his music is to be an eccentric mix of all the different styles he listens to and creates something catchy, immediate and current out of it all. His new single 'When We Bleed' was released independently ahead of his upcoming debut album. 'When We Bleed' reflects on a world where every decision and action seems to be motivated by blatant narcissism of some kind. Trying to navigate these odd times, the song tries to find relief in numbers and the fact that for better or worse, we're never really alone in trying to make sense of it all. Listen to the song: Prodigal HQ · When We Bleed