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Tana Mongeau - Facetime | Song Review

  Tana Mongeau  has released her new single titled ' Facetime ' which is another side of  Tana  we have never seen before. When  Tana  released her last single, ' Fuck Up ', I was truly shocked and surprised but I really liked the 'new' Tana . It seems like  Tana  is taking her music more serious and I am really loving it. ' Facetime ' is all about how long distance digital communication methods - such as FaceTime - which can never really replace face to face contact. During her Behind The Scenes video for the music video,  Tana  said about the song: ' This song is about like not wanting to be in a long distance relationship that is not necessarily bad but you’re just… I wrote this song when I was in like a long-distance relationship that I didn’t wanna be in and I just felt like I was way too fucking young for this shit, way too young in general to be doing anything crazy monogamous. ' This song is very summery which very music fit into the s

Michael Rice - Bigger Than Us | Song Review

  Michael Rice represented the United Kingdom at this years Eurovision Song Contest where he placed in last place with his song titled ' Bigger Than Us '. If I am being honest, I am really upset that Michael placed last - I can't imagine what he is feeling. He gave a great performance and did everything he could. He shouldn't feel down or disappointed - the voting was out of his hands. Michael gave a fantastic performance with amazing vocals - he had such great stage presents. The song is really good too - I love the production and the lively chorus. Michael is a very talented artist and he has really shown it both in his performance and throughout this song. I'm not going to lie, ' Bigger Than Us ' is a predictable Eurovision song. It is a Eurovision-friendly power ballad which we see quite frequently representing our country. It really is a power ballad - his strong, powerful voice with loud production really filled the Eurovision stadium. I see the

Mahmood - Soldi | Song Review

    Mahmood represented Italy at the Eurovision 2019 with his song titled ' Soldi '! This is possibly my favourite song from the entire competition. Even though I don't understand Italian and Arabic, I really love this. I can still hear the talent that is blasting through my speakers. ' Soldi ' and Mahmood placed overall second which is absolutely amazing. I am not going to lie, I was rooting for Italy and I honestly thought they was going to win. It was a close second and Mahmood was staying at the top of the leader board through the voting. Once thing I love about Eurovision is that you can hear different countries take on music. Each country has their own music styles and even though I don't understand what Mahmood is singing, I really love the song! His performance at the Eurovision was really good as well - it is shame Mahmood didn't win!   The lyrics explore Mahmood 's relationship with his father, who left his family while he was a child.

Duncan Laurence - Arcade | Song Review

  Duncan Laurence represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2019 and he won with his song titled ' Arcade '. From the beginning, Duncan was highly spoken about. He was bookies favourite - I can understand why. After watching his performance at the Eurovision, he is very talent and the song was very well done. The lyrics, production and vocals are all equally unique and inviting. Each year, you never know what kind of song is going to win the Eurovision and this year seems to be a slow-ish ballad about loving someone and them not loving you back or trying to find your one true love. I'm not going to lie, I personally did think this song would do well, but I didn't really expect it to win ( no shade ). The song is really well put together. It is quite mellow but has that certain tune which is featured in the background throughout the song that you catch yourself humming too. The song perfectly leads to the chorus which seems to give off a burst of energy and life for

Carly Rae Jepsen - Too Much | Song Review

 We are approaching the release date of Carly Rae Jepsen 's next studio album titled ' Dedicated ' but while we wait, Carly is treating us by releasing different songs from the album. Her latest release from the album is called ' Too Much '. ' Too Much ' is a pop anthem with a single electric beat that holds very catchy lyrics. I was singing along by the second time listening. The song is all about having emotions that are too intense to handle. Carly has a way of writing and recording her songs that make them hard to forget - which is a really good marketing technique. I really want to see her at the success she was with ' Call Me Maybe ' - I feel like she isn't being appreciated as much anymore. I am quite excited for her upcoming album, I have really like the song that have been released prior. Her voice is incredible! I have never really heard her voice sound this good. I really think this is her prime. Her production, vocals and lyrics s

Tallia Storm (ft. Dotty) - Soulmate | Song Review

  Tallia Storm has released her new single titled ' Soulmate ' which features London based rapper, Dotty . First off, Tallia has been really killing it with her music lately. I find her music and voice so seductive. I am really becoming a huge fan of her music. I truly believe she has found her perfect sound. It sounds like a mix of 90's pop, a bit of R'n'B and major Jazz inspiration. I really like it. The production is very warm and light which really emphasises on Tallia soft, seductive but powerful voice. She is a very talented musician. ' Soulmate ' seems to be more of a 'stripped back' song - it seems like Tallia has taken a different approach with her song writing which could be the right direction to go. I find this song so catchy and so calming. With the addition of Dotty on the track, he really adds something extra and something that it really needed. The mix of vocals really work. Dotty doesn't have a major part of the song but

The Nile Deltas - Dust Me Down | Song Review

    The Nile Deltas are a rock 'n' roll band from the East Midlands, England. They have released their new single titled ' Dust Me Down ' which is taken from their EP ' Life '. Rock 'n' Roll is a genre that is a bit mix and match for me. I like certain songs but I wouldn't say I love the whole genre - I just don't feel a connection. However, I really love this song. It is so upbeat and fun. Lively drums and guitars in the background really make this song a fun-loving masterpiece.    The vocalist of the group,  Craig Blencowe really knows how to control his voice and serves some heavy, husky vocals throughout. The meaning and story being the song is really touching and can be something quite personal. Whether the story is from a personal battle that a band member faced or something they have seen someone else go through - it is quite touching. Music is a great way to tell stories and I am sure people can relate. I can also see this song also

James Arthur - Falling Like The Stars | Song Review

    James Arthur has released his new single titled ' Falling Like The Stars ' which is rumoured to be the lead single for his up-coming third studio album. ' Falling Like The Stars ' is an acoustic song which sees James dreaming of a future family with his lover. His vocals are tremendous throughout. I love James Arthur , however, it seems to be the same sound every time. He has recently collaborated with Martin Jensen on the upbeat song titled ' Nobody ' but personally, the ballad-like songs are what we hear from James quite a lot but I guess they really work for him. Slow, ballad type of music really suit him as an artist - maybe I am being a bit harsh because every song he releases I really like. The lyrics throughout are really touching - you can really hear the passion he has put into writing this song along with Anders Albin Höjer and Jamie Grey . He is stating his 'wish list', his dream 'life' and what he wants when the time is rig

David Guetta (ft. Raye) - Stay (Don't Go Away) | Song Review

    David Guetta has teamed up with Raye on the new single titled ' Stay (Don't Go Away) '. David Guetta is known for creating club bangers and this is another to add to the list. I can see my friends and I getting messy to this song on the dance floor. Raye is an artist that certainly needs more recognition. I see her having a few hits but nothing major which is a shame. This collaboration really works. The production suits Raye 's aesthetic and style. David is known for producing the club bangers which can sometimes be repetitive but I really enjoy this song. It obviously makes me want to get up and dance and I absolutely love Raye 's vocals throughout. She has just a beautiful voice that needs to be heard more. The catch beat and lyrics makes this song very remember-able and it gives off so many good vibes. My favourite part is the chorus where all the energy bursts. It is like a burst of energy is suddenly let out after it was building up for a while. I

Ed Sheeran (with Justin Bieber) - I Don't Care | Song Review

    Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have teamed up on their new song ' I Don't Care '. It is nice to see Justin back making music after his long, deserved break. I hope we will get an album from him soon. Anyway, this duet of two of the biggest artists in the world is such a jam. It literally sounds like a mix of the usual sounds we hear from Justin and Ed . It is refreshing to hear a new-ish sound from both of the artists. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about Ed Sheeran 's music. It usually sounds the same to me - nothing new but with the mix of Justin 's vocals and sound, it really puts a new spin on Ed . Both singers use this track to describe being at a party, but wanting to leave due to feeling lonely or having social anxiety. That special someone by their side saves the day and makes them feel less alone in the end. ' I Don't Care ' is a very catchy, upbeat track that makes me feel summery. This is certainly a song we will be seeing on the cha

Ashley Tisdale - Symptoms | Album Review

  Ashley Tisdale has finally released her highly-anticipated studio album titled ' Symptoms '. This album has been worth the wait - I really love the whole album. Each song seems so genuine and true to herself. I can certainly hear the passion and feelings that were put into each of the songs. The album is very much Pop with a small hint of Bubblegum-Pop but that sound is coming back and starting to dominate the charts again. Ashley has also revealed that each song title is a symptom she struggled with when facing anxiety and depression. The album starts with the albums title track, ' Symptoms ' which has a really catchy beat and it is a really great way to start the album. It is about having feelings of anxiety when you it is the first stages of a new relationship after finishing a bad relationship. Such a relatable song and I am glad Ashley has decided to go down the personal, real and raw path with this album. ' Looking Glass ' approaches the subject of

Iggy Azalea - Started | Song Review

  Iggy Azalea has released her new single titled ' Started ' which has been confirmed to be the first track on her next studio album 'In My Defense'. Since Iggy has gone independent, I really see her glowing. She has only released 2 songs independently but they are both statements. This is the true Iggy that we are seeing/hearing and I am here for it. ' Started ' is such a catchy RnB/Hip-Hop track that really makes me want to move. I love the production of this song - as I did with her previous release ' Sally Walker '. We first heard this song at the end of the ' Sally Walker ' music video and my first impression of the song were great. But when the full song was officially released, I loved it. It has been on repeat whenever I am having a bit of chill time. The lyrics are well written and quite snappy. I love how Iggy has written this song - it seems like she is using basic English but making it sound top notch, absolutely amazing. I am

Lewis Capaldi - Hold Me While You Wait | Song Review

Lewis Capaldi has become a viral sensation with his tweets - he seems to be a huge breakthrough artist. He has released his new single titled ' Hold Me While You Wait '. If I am being honest, this is the first song of his that I have listened too and I truly love it. As funny as Lewis is on social media and during interviews, he is a really talented artist. His music seems so raw and real with true sweat and tears being put into it. ' Hold Me While I Wait ' is a heart hitting song with incredible vocals throughout. His music really reminds me of Ed Sheeran and I honestly think Lewis could be following the same success - especially with his hilarious social media. His voice overpowers the instrumental in a really good way - a perfect proportion for a song. Lewis is someone I will need to see in concert because he is very talented. In a statement, Lewis revealed what the back story of the song was: “Hold Me While You Wait” is a song I wrote about the uncertainty

Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You | Song Review

  Shawn Mendes has released his new single titled ' If I Can't Have You ' which seems to be the start of a new era but Shawn has revealed that it isn't the start of his next album - he is still constantly working on it ( we love a perfectionist ). Every song Shawn releases, I love! He has such a strong voice and amazing song writing capabilities. His songs are also so catchy with high energy vibes. I honestly love his music so much! It is so raw and true to him; such an amazing artist! ' If I Can't Have You ' follows Shawn 's usual acoustic, raw type of sound with the guitar being a prominent instrument throughout the song. This song is produced perfectly in my opinion, it is really lively during the chorus which makes it really catchy and remember-able but the feelings you feel during the verses as it goes kind of dark and mysterious are truly amazing. In an interview with Beats 1 , Shawn described the song as a 'confident pop record' and