James Arthur - Falling Like The Stars | Song Review

  James Arthur has released his new single titled 'Falling Like The Stars' which is rumoured to be the lead single for his up-coming third studio album.

'Falling Like The Stars' is an acoustic song which sees James dreaming of a future family with his lover. His vocals are tremendous throughout. I love James Arthur, however, it seems to be the same sound every time. He has recently collaborated with Martin Jensen on the upbeat song titled 'Nobody' but personally, the ballad-like songs are what we hear from James quite a lot but I guess they really work for him. Slow, ballad type of music really suit him as an artist - maybe I am being a bit harsh because every song he releases I really like.

The lyrics throughout are really touching - you can really hear the passion he has put into writing this song along with Anders Albin Höjer and Jamie Grey. He is stating his 'wish list', his dream 'life' and what he wants when the time is right. Telling a story to his loved one saying where he sees them going and what their future holds. It is quite cute and heartwarming.

His voice is extraordinary and really excels within any song he releases. He is a really talented artist who knows what he wants to release. James taking a different approach to a song and talking about a dream with a family is something quite refreshing. I hope his dream comes true.

I can certainly see this song doing well - I hope it does because it is a really good song. His powerful, husky vocals over the gentle production is quite mesmerising. He has the perfect mixture of vocal and production ratio. The acoustic guitar and piano being the main focal instruments really set the tone for the whole song.

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