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J0VANNA - Brain on Fire

Artist and song bio: Hi!! My name is J0VANNA. I am a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Pembroke Pines, Florida. I’m a spiritual badass, who loves astrology. I am probably reading my horoscope as you are reading this. I love animals and the color purple, although lately, everything in my life is red, just like my fiery hair color. I am also addicted to 𝒄𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒆. I mean, who isn’t?! Currently, I am student at Berklee, studying music business and songwriting. I’m so excited to share my debut single “Brain On Fire” with you.  I wrote this song in my bedroom over a period of time as I struggled with OCD and anxiety. Putting the lyrics on paper was part of my healing process. I think people will relate to my song because unfortunately, too many young people deal with mental illness at some point in their lives. I want them to know that they don’t have to struggle with mental illness alone and it’s definitely ok to talk about it. I am working on other songs for my currently unnamed EP an

Julie Hicklin & VIZCAYA - Superstar

Julie Hicklin is a London based Singer/Songwriter with a gift for top-line melody and hook lines.  Julie’s voice is a sensual, versatile partner for many genres including Electronic Pop, Breaks, Trip-hop, Drum & Bass and EDM.  She has collaborated with numerous producers, musicians and writers and provided material for labels including Mutesong, Polygram, Botchit, ZTT and Warners, Julie has also written top lines and pitched for major TV ad campaigns and showcased her work on BBC soundtracks.  Having been a featured Artist/Writer on various projects and a member of bands Laykkah, The Feline Collage, Lux and Siren, she has now launched a solo project under her own name.  Julie is fashioning a new chapter in her career, writing songs that have compelling hooks, conjure emotion and resonate with the listener.  From slow burning, dance floor friendly tracks to haunting ballads, they are soundscapes for film, TV and a sonic journey of life, love and human experience. An EP of her own mu

Eleanor and the Dream - I Don't Need Somebody to Love Me

Eleanor and the Dream is a project by Blackpool-born, London-based singer/songwriter Eleanor Neish-Melling.  Her music, with its defined melancholic sound, sharply captures all the poignant feelings that come with the adversities of life – heartbreak, loss and isolation. Yet through soft dreamlike vocals, shimmering guitars and chord ambiguity, she offers too a sense of rapture, all of which can be found in her debut single 'I Don't Need Somebody to Love Me'.  Eleanor and the Dream cites pivotal influences such as The Cure and Elliott Smith, whilst also taking inspiration from contemporary acts The Japanese House and Hatchie. ‘I Don’t Need Somebody to Love Me’ with its defined melancholic sound, sharply captures all the poignant feelings that come with the adversities of life – heartbreak, loss and isolation.  Through soft dreamlike vocals, shimmering guitars and lucid beats, ‘I Don’t Need Somebody to Love Me’ is the perfect soundtrack for jumping on the bed in underwear, a

Carla Chanelle - Reflets

Through pop-inspired arrangements, Carla Chanelle, in the intimacy of her own home studio, creates an introspective universe in which fragility and melancholia coexist. Inspired by her own emotions and experiences, her melodies evoke delicacy and vulnerability. Carla Chanelle is a recent recipient of a bursary from the Canada Council for the Arts. After many years of classical piano studies, she began writing songs before turning herself towards synthesizers to fully exploit her musical potential. Her first single 'Reflets', recorded and mixed in between two apartments, expresses secret feelings. 'Reflets' is inspired by secret and unconfessed desires. The song portrays a person’s vulnerability and fragility towards unpredictable feelings. Analogue synthesizers’ warm tones blend with modern textures and treatments. This project originated from the collaboration with a tight-knit group of friends in a small home studio.  Reflets was co-produced and mixed by Jacob Lafranc

Niamhy Mac - Don't Wish Your Life Away

Niamhy Mac is an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (vocals, guitar, cello, bass guitar, keyboard, percussion) and producer. She produces her tracks at home with her dad, on which the ideas are entirely her own and every track is entirely written and performed by herself. She is inspired by alternative rock, folk and classic singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. For her first release of 2021, she has released an EP titled 'Don't Wish Your Life Away' which features songs she has previously released titled 'Pacify', 'Drifter' and 'Sometimes'.   When talking about the Ep, Niamhy Mac said " I have been working on this EP ‘Don’t Wish Your Life Away’ since I was fourteen. Three of the tracks ‘Pacify’, ‘Drifter’ and ‘Sometimes’ were created for high school composition projects, and in the time since then I have discovered a passion for songwriting and composing. During lockdown after leaving high school due to

Lyon Tide - Closure

Lyon Tide has released a new single titled 'Closure'.  The single is about how difficult it is to move on from a long term relationship that has gone away. Artist bio: A Brit, an Italian and an Indian all walk into an art class. They mess around with some paint, draw a few nudes then form a band and make music. Today, they are known as Lyon Tide, an alternative pop/rock band from Birmingham (UK). Listen to 'Closure' below! Lyon Tide · Closure

Almost Owen - 2020 Heartbreak | Song Review

Almost Owen is an LA-based singer-songwriter and he has released his first single of 2021 titled '2020 Heartbreak'. The new rock and hip-hop-infused pop single is a big middle finger to the year 2020.  For everyone, 2020 was possibly one of the worst years and this song reflects that. However, last year Almost Owen released so much new music including his album 'Late Night Dangerous', as well as two EPs called 'The Sum of Contradictions' and 'Felt Cute, Might Delete'. '2020 Heartbreak' is a high tempo, catchy song.  I really like this song.  It captchas the true feelings behind last year and with the elements of rock within the song really help show the frustration and the emotion behind it all.  The lyrics are so relatable.  One thing I love about this song is that Almost Owen has taken such a bad year and made an incredible song out of it! I am sure Almost Owen has loads more music lined up for 2021 and I am excited to hear them.  I love this s

Brie Spaulding - Flowers for the Dead | Song Review

Brie Spaulding  is a singer-songwriter and producer from Chicago, Illinois. Her debut single, ' Flowers for the Dead ', was released in November 2020. The song is a soulful alt-pop ballad which portrays beautiful vocals throughout with a soft piano-based instrumental and the occasional aggressive base.  This was a great choice for a debut single by Brie .  It not only shows off her incredible vocals but her amazing songwriting skills also.  It always people to get to know her voice and songwriting style in an instance and I am not disappointed at all. The song is all about you feeling incapable of falling in love or coping with a recent breakup.  Usually, break up songs go in a normal patter where the other person did something wrong and that is the reason the relationship finished.  However, ' Flowers for the Dead ' is all about you not feeling capable to love anyone.  You can really hear the pain and emotion within the lyrics.  So powerful. With Brie 's amazing vo