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Steve Hewitt - Bigger Than Words | Album Review

 Steve Hewitt is a singer-songwriter from Kent who has released his debut album titled 'Bigger Than Words' under Engine Records. Steve is very talented - I was sent the album prior to its release and I was amazed by the songwriting and whole production of the album. I know you shouldn't compare bigger artists to smaller artists but Steve has set a standard that most bigger artists need to follow. He wrote the whole of this album himself - the lyrics are true to him and that is what makes this album special and unique. 'Bigger Than Words' is an acoustic, indie-folk album with a few hints of pop. A mixture of genres that really work together. Steve's voice and vocals throughout are amazingly raw and fresh. I love discovering new, talented artists. My favourite song from the album is certainly 'Fix Me' - the song starts off with the sounds of someone (maybe Steve?) walking on some stones and I find the sound really soothing. Lyrically, the song speaks so