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Misha B - Home Run | Song Review

 Misha B is a British singer-songwriter and lyricist based in the United Kingdom. She took part in the eighth series of The X-Factor UK in 2011. I can remember watching her on The X-Factor and I was so in love with the energy she brings on stage. Because I am working from home at the moment, I have been listening to a lot more music but I was getting sick of hearing the same songs the same UK top charts and I wanted to find something that I used to love and I came across a 'Home Run' by Misha B again. This song appeared briefly on her debut mixtape 'Why Hello World' which was released for free download in 2012 but she officially released it as her first debut solo single in July 2012 and it charted at number 11 on the UK official singles chart. It is such an upbeat, fun song and is definitely one that I will forever love. Even though it’s been eight years since its release, I really don’t think this song could ever get old. I enjoy this song every time I l

Sam Sky (ft. Angel Cintron) - I H8 The Internet | Song Review

  Sam Sky has released his new single called ' I H8 The Internet ' featuring Angel Cintron . I have reviewed Sam Sky 's music before and I have loved all of his releases running up to this song. This is probably his best song and one of my favourites he has released. The production, vocals and lyrics are so tight and clean and to add to the mix, Angel 's vocals are a great addition. A really good song overall. ' I H8 The Internet ' is all about not having the best relationship with the internet. As much as it is a good place to share your thoughts and reach a wide range of people, it also brings its bad side. This song does include lyrics that describe things such as online bullying and suicide which is a huge problem the internet can lead too. Sam has said that he wrote this song at when the internet wasn’t making him feel great at all. The frustration of the algorithms that take over the Internet, like a barrier stopping people from coming in

These Girls These Boys - Sleep When I'm Dead | Song Review

 These Girls These Boys are a new band which features members Vanessa Morgan and Drew Ray Tanner, both Riverdale stars. In an Instagram post, Vanessa had mentioned: “releasing new music is a very vulnerable thing to do.” She also said “Drew and I started working on music just for fun a year ago. Finally, during quarantine, we decided why not just drop the songs we wrote as a mixtape under ‘These Girls These Boys.” I think this song is so 21st century because the “I Can Sleep When I'm Dead” is the mindset all millennials have right now. Staying up all day and night never getting any sleep is fun, no one wants to miss out on the fun. I think the beat is so perfect for trying to keep a sleepy mind wide awake. This song is very funky, and I am in love with it, it makes me want to jump around my house and clean. I can see this being played at a sleepover when everyone is pulling all-nighters or at a rave at midnight and everyone is just jumping around having fun. No one knew th

Lady Gaga (with Ariana Grande) - Rain On Me | Song Review

  Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have teamed up on a new single called 'Rain on Me' which is the second single from Lady Gaga 's upcoming sixth studio album titled 'Chromatic' set to be released on 29th May 2020. Surprisingly, this is also Lady Gaga and Ariana 's first collaboration. Fans are loving this new single and so am I. It's a song that we really need at the moment, especially with what we are currently going through - it makes you feel so upbeat and forget about worries for the full duration. 'Rain On Me' is about getting through your troubles/problems and finding comfort in the fact that things will get better - Lady Gaga is proving it. Lady Gaga has opened up about the meaning behind this song - it's a metaphor for the amount of drinking that she was doing to herself but she has also said that there are so many other layers to this song. But in the end, the song is meant to uplift you and it certainly does the job.

Kehlani - It Was Good Until It Wasn’t | Album Review

  Kehlani has released her new album titled ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’. It is a pure masterpiece, every single song on this album is very well put together. All 15 songs were made with genuine purpose, my favorite songs are Change Your Life and Grieving. I picked these two songs because they gave me chills more than any other song. In ‘Change Your Life’, the lyrics that stand out to me the most are; “I’m here to excel with you, here to break bread with you, here to travel the world and sleep in different beds with you.” These words hit me right in the heart and make me emotional. I feel so inspired to be better and love my other half better. Kehlani goes deep into the song saying how she can be anything and everything she wants and she’s there to support him no matter what. Jhené Aiko is featured in this song and she also says that he deserves someone to take him to another level and how much potential he really has. In ‘Grieving’ she displayed how badly they messe

Power - Smoke | Song Review

 Power is an upcoming artist from London that has been making music for about ten years, but started taking it serious about three years ago. After a car accident, Power wanted to live life to the fullest because you never know when it could all be gone. He is a self produced independent artist and producer that enjoys heart hitting beats and music. When I first heard ‘Smoke’ I was like ”whoa this is super dope”. I love the beats and the lyrics. The song is so carefree and relatable, this is the perfect song to listen to while you’re smoking. My favorite lyric is; “I remember times I would wake and bake, now I still wake and bake tryna elevate no cap.” Waking up to smoke so you can feel smooth and in the zone, elevating so you can just flow. Rotating means passing the smoke around, he doesn’t need any haters either trying to kill his vibe. I cannot wait to show my friends this song so we can all vibe to the mellowness of this song, I want to dance all night to this. Ho

Ella Eyre - L.O.V.(e) | Song Review

 Ella Eyre has released her new single titled 'L.O.V.(e)'. This song is the third single off Ella Eyre’s upcoming album which is set to be released later this year. This seems to be a fan favourite song since she has been performing it at a number of different shows/festivals over the years. Fans are really happy she has finally released it as an official single. 'L.O.V.(e)' is a really good tropical, summer song which I will definitely be playing on repeat in summer. The chorus to this song is very catchy which is a good marketing technique as it will be hard to forget. When you listen to the single, you will hear Ella at her best. Ella is singing about heartache and desire for love. I think it’s very important that we listen to music at the moment due to the current situation as we need to stimulate and keep our minds active. An upbeat song like this will help you escape and dance until you have no more dance in you. Even though it is about somebody desp

Griffin Oskar - We Don't Get High (like we used to) | Song Review

 Griffin Oskar is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer who has now released his new single titled 'We Don’t Get High (like we used to)'. Griffin has previously released an EP called 'Hostage' under the name Småland but with the success of the EP, he was able to land a deal with Republic Records. This song is dominated by an acoustic guitar whilst Griffin is thinking about an ex-lover. Griffin and his lover/ex-lover aren't getting high on love and feelings anymore - their relationship seems to be coming to an end. 'We Don't Get High (like we used to) is a very catchy song and it’s really well written. The play on words is very clever and impressive. I commend Griffin on his songwriting abilities - well done! The music video sees Griffin in quarantine because of the current global pandemic. Even though you could see this song as a breakup song, it also fits with the current pandemic as some couples are social distancing which could

Ariana Grande (with Justin Bieber) - Stuck With U | Song Review

  Ariana Grande has teamed up with Justin Bieber on the new song titled ' Stuck With U '. The song is inspired by the current lockdown due to COVID-19. All proceeds made from this song will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation, which will support grants and scholarships for children of the front lines and essential workers during the global pandemic. ’Stuck With U’ is an R&B soul tune with soft but outstanding vocals run throughout from both Ariana and Justin . The charity single is all about being stuck with that special someone during this lockdown period. Ariana 's fans were surprised to see someone different being quarantined with her and that person seems to be a new lover - she looks happy which is good to see. Ariana and Justin invited fans to dance to the song which is featured in the music video along with a list of celebrities. I really like how the music video turned out - artists are getting really creative due to the current

Yard Arms - Mantra | Song Review

 Yard Arms have released their new single titled ‘Mandra’. An ambient Synth wave opens up the song which takes you down memory lane. ‘Mantra’ is a beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics accompanying it. Produced tightly, ‘Mantra’ is well divided in its song structure and is one of those tracks that you would want to listen to while you're cruising on an open road with your friends, that special someone or even with your own thoughts. The song especially picks up its pace at the end with the instruments coming in together making it an ambient experience for the listeners. The lyrics of ’Mantra’ are what hit me the most in this song. It's a song that dares you to let loose, take things as they come and essentially live happily. This could definitely act as the soundtrack to your life and give you a certain melancholic feeling yet leaving a smile on your face by the time it comes to an end. The only shortcoming in this comes from the way the vocals have been mixed.

The Weeknd - The Morning | Song Review

 The Weeknd was a name that was common on the streets of Toronto, not knowing who he or they were, anything about them or even any information about them. All people knew was that The Weeknd was making great music. Something that was going to revolutionize R&B as we've known it and make it better and better. 'The Morning' is one such track that tells you how good 'The Weeknd' was and how to presented R&B in the way we know it today. The morning is the song that introduced me to 'The Weeknd' and his amazing mixtape called 'The House of Balloons'. If you've ever wanted to know how the life of the XO crew is and want to a get a preview of their drug infused party lifestyle, this your front row tickets to that. The songs is down tempo, self introspective cut about how the morning a passionate night between Abel and his life lover. The morning has dawned upon them and now it's time to think about what they've done, was it the righ

Gabbie Hanna - Glass House | Song Review

  Gabbie Hanna has released her second single from her upcoming EP ' Bad Karma ' set to be released later this month. Gabbie Hanna is so diverse with her music. Her previous single, ' Dandelion ', is a slow, mellow song which is supposed to have a different meaning to each listener. However, ' Glass House ' has a dark and mysterious vibe lurking in the background mixed with pop sounds and musical theatre inspirations. This is what I mean by Gabbie Hanna is a diverse musician. She experiments with so many sounds and expressing her art in multiple ways. I always say everyone has their own take on what music means, which is why I love music. Everyone will be able to relate to it differently and interpret it in their own way. In my opinion, ' Glass House ' is about not hearing the full story. As Gabbie is a social media influencer, people share things online about her, accusing her of different things that may not be true. People some