Power - Smoke | Song Review

 Power is an upcoming artist from London that has been making music for about ten years, but started taking it serious about three years ago. After a car accident, Power wanted to live life to the fullest because you never know when it could all be gone. He is a self produced independent artist and producer that enjoys heart hitting beats and music.

When I first heard ‘Smoke’ I was like ”whoa this is super dope”. I love the beats and the lyrics. The song is so carefree and relatable, this is the perfect song to listen to while you’re smoking. My favorite lyric is;

“I remember times I would wake and bake, now I still wake and bake tryna elevate no cap.”

Waking up to smoke so you can feel smooth and in the zone, elevating so you can just flow. Rotating means passing the smoke around, he doesn’t need any haters either trying to kill his vibe. I cannot wait to show my friends this song so we can all vibe to the mellowness of this song, I want to dance all night to this.

How did Power come up with ‘Smoke’?

He said that he came up with two beats that have similar style and just started freestyling. Power had mentioned that everything he freestyled about seemed to “come back to either being stoned or something to do with being stoned. Once I got the chorus the rest of the song came about in the same day.”

Overall Rating:



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