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Spice Girls - Spice | Album Review

The  Spice Girls  were a pop band which was formed in 1994. The group consists of  Mel B  (Scary Spice),  Melanie C  (Sporty Spice),  Geri Halliwell  (Ginger Spice),  Emma Bunton  (Baby Spice) and  Victoria Beckham  (Posh Spice). They are the best selling girl band of all time, selling over 85 million records worldwide. They were signed with Virgin Records and released 3 albums - ' Spice ', ' Spiceworld ' and ' Forever '.  Gerri Halliwell  decided to leave the group in 1998 and the rest of the group decided to carry on and release one more album as a 4-piece called ' Forever '. They have also released a movie called ' Spice World ' - which is now available on Netflix UK  (I believe) . Their debut album, ' Spice ', came out in September 1996 and it sold more than 31 million records worldwide. The best selling album by a girl group of all time. The album starts off with their first single, ' Wannabe '. A song which everybody knows

HRVY - I Wish You Were Here | Song Review

HRVY is a 19-year-old British singer-songwriter. He has released his newest single called ‘ I Wish You Were Here ’ which was added to my playlist as soon as I heard it and has been on repeat ever since! The song was produced by Loose Change and  Mojam  and co-written by  Corey Sanders ,  Alex Stacey  and  Boy Matthews . He wrote a note to his fans before the release of the song saying it was a ‘pretty big deal to him’ and ‘My whole life has led up to this moment’. Then finishing with ‘it feels like my time and my big shot’. HRVY  has been making music since he was 13 and he seems to be pretty proud of this track which he should be – it is a really good song! The track is a quirky pop song with 80’s sounds and amazing vocals. He has a total of over 400 million streams on all his music so far – amazing! He has been building his social media following for years and it is really paying off. Also,  HRVY  is currently on tour supporting  The Vamps  on their US tour and recently played a s

Dinah Jane (ft. Ty Dollar $ign & Marc. E Bassy) - Bottled Up | Song Review

Fifth Harmony member,  Dinah Jane , has released her debut single which features  Ty Dollar $ign  and  Marc. E Bassy  called ‘ Bottled Up ’.  Fifth Harmony  announced their ‘hiatus’ in March 2018 to work on their solo projects. Through interviews since then, it seems like  Fifth Harmony  won’t be reuniting – unless it is under a different label. Fifth Harmony  was formed on  The X-Factor USA  in 2012 where they achieved third place. The band was originally a 5-piece group –  Camila Cabello ,  Lauren Jauregui ,  Normani ,  Dinah Jane  and  Ally Brooke . However,  Camila Cabello  left the group in December 2016. As a 5-piece, they released 2 albums, ‘ Reflection ’ (2015) and ‘ 7/27 ’ (2016). Once Camila had left the group, the now 4-piece released their  self-titled album 'Fifth Harmony'  in 2017 – which was their last as a group. During Dinah’s new song, she makes references to their ( Fifth Harmony ’s) most popular single ‘ Work From Home ’ which she has recently revealed in

Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water | Song Review

Avril Lavigne  is back!!  I seem to be saying ‘[BLANK] is back’ a lot – but ‘old’ artists are bringing out music again!   Avril Lavigne  is a singer-songwriter from America who rose to success in the early 2000s with smash hits such as ‘ Complicated ’, ‘ Sk8er Boi ’, ‘ Girlfriend ’ and many more. After not releasing any music for 5 years, she is back with a new single called ‘ Head Above Water ’. It is a different sound for Avril but a mix of the classic Avril too. This power ballad was inspired and wrote about her long battle with Lyme disease which she announced in 2015. She released a statement saying “I thought I was dying, and I had accepted that I was going to die. My mom laid with me in bed and held me. I felt like I was drowning. Under my breath, I prayed ‘God, please help to keep my head above water.’ At that moment, the songwriting of the album began” This song is able to show Avril’s vocals and she sounds completely different from her previous songs – has she taken up some s

Black Eyed Peas - BIG LOVE | Song Review

Black Eyed Peas  was my childhood. I used to listen to them all the time. If you don’t know who they are – they are an American music group that originally produced alternative hip-hop music but has changed their music direction to pop and dance-pop music. The band consists of rappers, and Taboo. The group is best known for their smash hits ‘ Where Is The Love? ’, ‘ I Gotta Feeling ’, ‘ Boom Boom Pow ’ and many, many others.  Fergie  used to be part of the group but sadly decided to leave and peruse her solo career. According to some articles,  Black Eyed Peas  have another singer lined up to replace  Fergie . However,  Black Eyed Peas  have released a new single called ‘ BIG LOVE ’ – without  Fergie . This song is about the rise of crime in the US and because of this,  Black Eyed Peas  are donating proceeds to ‘ March For Our Lives ’ and migrant up port group ‘ Families Belong Together Foundation ’. This song will also be featured on their upcoming album called ‘

Sarah Close - Crazy Kind | Song Review

Sarah Close , best known for her covers on  YouTube  has released her second single of 2018 titled ‘ Crazy Kind ’. I am a huge fan of Sarah since she released her debut EP ‘ Caught Up ’ in April 2017. I am very excited to see what Sarah brings out since she was dropped by her label in January 2018. Sarah revealed on  Twitter that this song was written after she made a last-minute plan to go to Barcelona for 23 hours. Sarah needs more recognition – her music is so underrated. You can tell by listening to each of her songs that she is so passionate about creating music. Sarah also revealed in a  YouTube Vlog  that while she was signed to  Parlophone , they were trying to make Sarah’s music go a different direction than she wanted it too. Sarah had a different idea of the kind of music she wanted to produce and that is when they dropped her. But, we probably wouldn’t have had ‘ You Say ’ or ‘ Crazy Kind ’ if it wasn’t for her being dropped. Since being dropped from  Parlophone , Sara

Mariah Carey - GTFO | Song Review

Mariah Carey is BACK! If you don’t know who Mariah Carey is… Where have you been….? Mariah is best known for her incredible vocals and her smash hits in the festive season. Everyone knows at least one Mariah song! She is back with an incredible new single called ‘ GTFO ’ – which stands for ‘Get The Fuck Out’. The song is the first promotional single from her upcoming new album which is expected to be out later this year. ‘ GTFO ’ is produced by Grammy-nominated ‘ Nineteen85 ’ who has also worked with  Drake  and many other artists. With her soft and delicate vocals and the soft instrumental makes this song a calming but sassy track. You could be laid on the sofa, with a glass of wine, feeling sassy while listening to this song – Mariah always gives out the sass. Mariah still gives out amazing vocals from the soft track but is an introduction to her 15th Studio album – with another single coming out in early October. The music video is set within a home while Mariah lounges around in

The Struts (ft. Kesha) - Body Talks | Song Review

The Struts  are an English glam-rock band from Derby, Derbyshire, England. The members consist of Luke Spiller, Adam Slack, Jed Elliott and Gethin Davies. In August 2018, they released an enhanced version of their hit single ‘ Body Talks ’ with Pop Superstar,  Kesha ! I would never really listen to rock music but this song randomly started playing on Spotify and I don’t regret listening to it. I usually find rock music ‘hard’ to listen too but I think with the hint of  Kesha , it has made it easier for me to listen too. The song is about having eye contact with someone and without any saying words, you find yourself moving on towards them. But Luke Spiller (the vocalist within the band) revealed to Billboard that he wasn’t a massive fan of the song at the beginning but once they had finished the song, he was quite happy with it. The music video shows off a lot of glitters.  Kesha ’s look within the video reminds me of the old  Kesha  – the ‘ Tik Tok ’  Kesha . Kesha  said within a

Tana Mongeau - F**k Up | Song Review

Well, well, well…  Tana Mongeau  is back with a different sound and vibe. Tana is best known for her storytime videos on YouTube and a lot of controversies. However, on Friday 31st August 2018, Tana released her new single ‘ F**k Up ’ which is a completely different sound from her other songs ‘ Hefner ’ and ‘ W ’. Her new single shows her vocal ability better with deep lyrics and is very much stripped back and acoustic. The song could possibly be about the scandal surrounding ‘TanaCon’ which this song was rumoured to be written and recorded after but whatever the inspiration for the song was, it is still a good song. Within the song, Tana sings about ‘voices in her head won’t shut the f**ck up’ and ‘cause I’m a f**k up, and I’m so fucked up’ which you can tell she has poured her heart and soul into this song. It is so personal and very different from what she has released before – and I think that is why fans love it so much. Tana's song has also been put under  Bella Thorne ’s

Troye Sivan - Bloom | Album Review

 YouTube star turned singer-songwriter,  Troye Sivan , has finally released his second studio album ‘ Bloom ’. I have been a big fan of Troye’s music for a while, way back when he released his first EP ‘ TRXYE ’. ‘Bloom’ is a follow-up album from his debut album ‘ Blue Neighbourhood ’ (2015). Troye’s new album also features special guests such as  Gordi  and  Ariana Grande . The album debuted at Number 7 on the Official UK iTunes Charts. Troye starts the album with ‘ Seventeen ’. A song about love and want with poetic lyrics from start to finish. Troye also sings about young love and young sexual escapades. I wish this song was later on in the album though. I feel like a more upbeat, fun song would be best to start the album off – but that is my opinion, others may disagree. It seems like forever ago when he released his first single from this album ‘ My My My! ’ back in January 2018. The song debuted at Number 20 on the Official UK iTunes Charts. It is a fun-loving song, it is a so

Emma Blackery - Villains | Album Review

YouTube sensation,  Emma Blackery  has finally released her debut album ' Villains ' after releasing several EPs -  Distance  in 2013 (which reached Number 1 in the iTunes Rock Chart),  Perfect  in 2014,  Sucks To Be You  in 2016 and finally  Magnetised  in 2017. The 11 track electro-pop album, which was produced by Toby Scott (who has also produced songs for Little Mix, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays), debuted at Number 18 on the UK Official iTunes Charts. The album was inspired by reflection following personal events which occurred last summer. If I am honest, at first, I wasn't a massive fan of the album. I liked it, I really liked some of the songs but after listening to the album closely a few times, I love it! The album has some really deep meanings and I am really impressed with Emma's work. The album opens with ' Villains PT. 1 ', which is where Emma is calling out her 'villains' for the pain she went through the summer before. This song is a song

Ariana Grande - Sweetener | Album Review

In August of 2018,  Ariana Grande  released her fourth studio album called ' Sweetener ' through Republic Records. This album is a follow-up album from her 2016 studio album ' Dangerous Woman '. The sweetener has many special guests throughout the album from  Pharrell Williams  (who was featured on a song but also had high involvement in the production of this album) to  Nicki Minaj  and  Missy Elliott . Sweetener is a Pop, R&B and Trap record with smash hits 'No Tears Left To Cry', 'The Light Is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj)' and 'God Is A Woman'. The album debuted at Number 1 on the US Billboard 200 with 231,000 album-equivalent units, of which 127,000 were pure album sales. This is Ariana's third studio album to debut at the top of the charts. 6 of the 15 songs from the album debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in the same week: 'Breathin' at Number 22, 'Sweetener' at Number 55, 'Every time' at Number 62, 'R.E.