The Struts (ft. Kesha) - Body Talks | Song Review

The Struts are an English glam-rock band from Derby, Derbyshire, England. The members consist of Luke Spiller, Adam Slack, Jed Elliott and Gethin Davies. In August 2018, they released an enhanced version of their hit single ‘Body Talks’ with Pop Superstar, Kesha!

I would never really listen to rock music but this song randomly started playing on Spotify and I don’t regret listening to it. I usually find rock music ‘hard’ to listen too but I think with the hint of Kesha, it has made it easier for me to listen too.

The song is about having eye contact with someone and without any saying words, you find yourself moving on towards them. But Luke Spiller (the vocalist within the band) revealed to Billboard that he wasn’t a massive fan of the song at the beginning but once they had finished the song, he was quite happy with it.

The music video shows off a lot of glitters. Kesha’s look within the video reminds me of the old Kesha – the ‘Tik Tok’ Kesha.

Kesha said within a press release “[The Struts] are one of my favourite current bands keeping the spirit of classic rock and. Role alive with their wild energy and sexy style.” The video is fun and it looks like it was a fun video to film.

This crossover of Rock and Pop is so good and I hope it happens more often.

I have to say, as I have mentioned earlier, I don’t listen to rock music at all so it is so refreshing to find a song I like – maybe it just had to have a hint of pop in it for me to like it.

Overall, a very good and fun song. I am now looking forward to The Struts future projects.

Overall Rating:


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