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P!nk - Hustle | Song Review

 P!nk has released her new single ' Hustle ' prior to the release of her new studio album ' Hurts 2B Human ' which is set to be released on the 26th April 2019. ' Hustle ' is such a fun song - it has a fun, lively vibe with the energetic clapping and the lively piano in the background. She is telling everyone not to f*ck with her. It is such a fierce song! The first 30 seconds of the song, I really thought I was listening to ' Daddy Issues ' my Beyonce because it had to same sound - maybe P!nk used a sample of that song in ' Hustle ' - I don't know, it might just be me who can hear the resemblance. I really feel like this song is such a good second single for the album. It really sets the tone on what the album is like - well... I really hope it is upbeat like this song. P!nk has such a unique and powerful voice and you can really hear her shine in this song! Overall Review: ★★★★☆

Westlife - Better Man | Song Review

  Westlife have released their second single called ' Better Man ' from their upcoming Eleventh studio album. They last released an album in 2010 which is crazy, it doesn't seem that long ago. I always say this about artists or bands who make a comeback after being gone for so long but I get worried because music has evolved so much in the last 10 years, since they were last on the charts but Westlife have done good so far. Their first single to this new era, ' Hello My Love ' topped the charts in the UK and was a massive hit - I personally loved it. And Westlife fans made sure to get this song to Number 1 on the iTunes charts! ' Better Man ' is slower than their previous release but you can really hear their vocals throughout the song. This song was also written by Ed Sheeran and I can certainly hear his writing style in the song. While listening to the song, it takes me back to when I listened to Westlife years ago - their ballads were the best and

Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me | Song Review

  Zara Larsson has released her new single called ' Don't Worry Bout Me ' for her upcoming second studio album. Zara Larsson has such a vibe on her songs and ' Don't Worry Bout Me ' is an amazing mix of Electric and Pop. I love it! It is also such a club banger as well, i can really see myself bopping to this song while having a Sambuca shot. The song is all about telling your ex to get out your mentions, stop worrying about me - worry about yourself because I don't give a f*ck. Such a blunt meaning but I love it. Zara has revealed that her label don't like this song and she is pretty upset about it. I guess, this song doesn't really follow the same sound that she is known for - but it also kind of does as well. Changing things up is good sometimes - experimenting with music is VERY important. I am just confused how her label doesn't like the song...? I mean, I technically can, but it’s sad to not have the label excited for songs I like

Becky G - Green Light Go | Song Review

  Becky G has really become a worldwide sensation within the last couple of years and her music has improve so much. She has not released her new single ' Green Light Go ' and I am a huge fan of the song. She is truly so talented, I think within the last couple of years she has really found herself as a artist. She is also quite explicit now which isn't sortieing we heard much of before. ' Green Light Go ' is very much RnB infused with elements of Becky G 's usual exotic sound that she has become best known for. I think Becky G has found her sound, the perfect sound for her vibe and voice. I truly believe the evolution of Becky G 's music is one of the best. Becky G has revealed that ' Green Light Go ' represents not taking no for an answer, making her own path and giving herself her own green lights to go and doing what she wants or what she believes is right. Surprisingly, Becky G is still working on her debut album - she is rumoured to be

Will Young - All The Songs | Song Review

  Will Young has released the lead single for his 7th studio album ' Lexicon ' which is set to be released in June 2019. The new single is called ' All The Songs '. By now, everyone knows who Will Young is. His songs have been so popular in the past and since I last listened to his music, there seems to be a lot of progression. The theme has stayed the same, major pop influences run through the song but you can certainly hear a progression in the production and his vocals. Will Young always has a fun, lively feel to his songs, which I think is why people love them so much. I am personally looking forward to hearing his new music. I get a little nervous when singers who have been releasing music for a while and was very popular when I was younger because you don't really hear any progression and it sticks to the same sound that they were known for but music has changed, it has evolve and it is constantly evolving. Within ' All The Songs ', you can certa

A Soliman - Let You Go | Song Review

A Soliman is a 20 year old artist based in the UK. He released his first single in June 2018 and has now released his new single ' Let You Go '. This song is so professionally done. You can really hear how much effort went into this tune. A Soliman is going to be climbing the charts very soon, I know he will. His music needs to be in the charts. We have only heard 2 singles from him so far but the songs seem so much advanced than you would expect. I am really loving his songs and he will be artist I am going to follow. ' Let You Go ' is such a fun, well produced song which captures A Soliman 's talent so well. I am so excited to hear future stuff from him. This song makes me feel happy and I can't help but bop away to this song. Not only is this song a masterpiece, it is also a very fun song. The little, fun notes and quirky lyrics in the song really make me feel good which is exactly what I want when listening to music. The song seems to be about a break up, t

Ja'Keta - All Night | Song Review

  Ja'Keta has released her new single, second to be released on all major streaming services called ' All Night '. The song is a slow, steady RnB mix with upbeat chords. Some people may describe this song as a 'vibe' - it gives vibe-y feels. Certainly a song you would chill too. I honestly think Ja'Keta is very talented. ' All Night ' and her previous single ' Crazy ' are really good. Her vocals are insane and I can see Ja'Keta being a huge success in the future. Since doing these ' Meet The Artist ' posts, I have really fell in love with smaller artists like Ja'Keta because I like being one of a small audience that are listening to them but I truly believe artists like Ja'Keta needs more recognition - more people need to take the time to listen to smaller artists music. ' All Night ' is certainly one of my new favourite songs. I love it. It isn't too up-beat that it is in your face but it also isn't to

Juliette Richards - Just Like That | EP Review

  Juliette Richards is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Cambridge, England. She is a classical pianist who also loves composing pop songs. Juliette likes to mix the classical and pop genres to break down the barriers that there are in music. She released her EP ' Just Like That ' in 2018 which is absolutely outstanding. I have to admit, there are a few things that need improving - which is normal, no one is perfect. But what Juliette has showcased in her debut EP is amazing. Her vocal range is really good and the piano is the major feature with a bit of pop elements added in. I think personally, Juliette may need to add a bit more pop to make a truly fantastic mix but that is my opinion. Juliette is 16 and already has so much talent. I am excited to see where her talent takes her. The EP is incredible. The mixture of pop and classical really work but as I have mentioned before, maybe a few more pop elements needs to be added to make a fantastic mix. The song writing i

Why Don't We & Macklemore - I Don't Belong In This Club | Song Review

  Why Don't We have teamed up with Macklemore on the new single ' I Don't Belong In This Club '. It might just be me missing releases but I haven't heard from Macklemore in a while. It is nice to see him on a tune. Why Don't We have got to be my favourite boy band at the moment. Each member is so talented and have such distinctive voices. And the sound of their music. ' I Don't Belong In This Club ' is another song to add to the list of bangers. I love Macklemore within the song too. The lyrics are catchy and so is the beat. The group always manage to create a upbeat, catchy song. Their art is truly break-taking. I certainly think the band needs more recognition. I am excited for future releases. So far this year, Why Don't We have released a new song each month - is it going to be a pattern for the full year? Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Lizzo (ft. Missy Elliott) - Tempo | Song Review

  Lizzo has teamed up with Missy Elliott on her new single ' Tempo '. I love Missy Elliott and Lizzo is my new favourite artist so I really love this collaboration. ' Tempo '  has a different sound that what we have heard from Lizzo so far but I LOVE IT! You can definitely hear the Missy Elliott inspiration in the song. It is such a fun, upbeat song and I am so excited for Lizzo 's album. The song is about body acceptance and how Lizzo needs a heavy beat to dance since slow songs are not enough for all that she has to offer. I think it was brave for Lizzo to release ' Tempo ' as you can clearly hear that it is different from her previous singles. However, I think this is the direction she should go with her music. Or a bit of a mixture of vocals and rapping would be good also. Is there anything Lizzo can't do? Missy Elliot adds a lot to this song. The production seems to be very much like the music we are used to hearing for her but I like

MARINA - Orange Trees | Song Review

  MARINA is getting ready to drop her next album titled ' Love + Fear '. When I last reviewed MARINA , I feel like I was a little harsh. The lead single for this new era ' Handmade Heaven ' didn't feel like the best fit to start a new era but MARINA has now released the third song from the upcoming album called ' Orange Trees '. MARINA made a statement when she released ' Handmade Heaven ' saying it wasn't a true reflection of what the album will be filled with and what I have heard from ' Orange Trees ', I am liking the sound. I hope the sound that is present on ' Orange Trees ' is a frequent sound we hear through out the album(s). I am now really looking forward to her album! The song is all about her time when she lived in Greece with her father. Describing and making listeners picture what a beautiful country it is. MARINA confirmed the meaning of the song by posting on her Instagram story saying ' It's so light

Gazelle - Guilt Trip Gun | Song Review

  Gazelle are a Leicester based Rock 'n' Roll band. The band consists of Ryan Dunn (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Gooch (Guitar), Richard Sorbi (Bass), Danny Wright (Drums). They are 'four working class lads uninspired by today's music charts writing real music. Brought together by a mutual love of British Subculture' says their Facebook bio. They have released their new single called ' Guilt Trip Gun ' and it is available to download and stream from all major download and streaming outlets on the 22nd March 2019. All proceeds will be donated to The Royal British Legion . This song is really good and the music video is even better. Through out the song there are references to the first World War which is where the music video is based/set. It gives the song a historian feel which I think is quite unique and such a clever idea. The concept, the vocals and the sound this song has really shows how talented this group is. Rock 'n' Roll isn't usually the k

Peter Kleinhans - Something's Not Right | Album Review

  Peter Kleinhans is a New York based singer-songwriter who started his music career a little later on. He had a career horse racer but was forced to give up his career at the age of 47. In a search for new meaning, Peter took an introductory song writing course. Over the last five years, he wrote the lyrics and music to his debut album ' Something's Not Right '. I do like this album - it might not be an album I would put on repeat but I do like Peter 's artistic take to music. Through out the album, it seems like Peter has experimented with several genres which is what I like to see small artists doing. I am not sure if it just me but I can hear mainly country-folk infused melodies underneath the other lively rock-folk instrumental. A mixture of vocals (both male and female when the chorus arrives in some songs) and a mixture of different acoustic instruments really put a good feel to the album. When listening to the album, I certainly don't feel like it is de

Elegant Elephant - Cogwheel | Song Review

  Elegant Elephant is a Swedish alternative/rock band formed in Stockholm in early 2017. The band consists of Christoffer Parking Finnson (vocals, guitar and keys), John Dayao (bass) and Marco Giulini (drums). In November 2018, the group released their first single ' Cogwheel ' followed by ' Realise ' and ' Leaf ' in March 2019. They are certainly a group to look out for - they release the kind of alternative/rock music that I can actually listen too and that I like. Sometimes, rock music can be a bit too much for me but this is certainly the perfect mix! It is like mellow rock, softer rock. Such a talented group that needs more listens. ' Cogwheel ' is such a great tune and I hope people reading this will take a couple of minutes to listen to this. I got the chance to do a small Q&A session with Elegant Elephant about their song ' Cogwheel ': So, how long have you known each other? When did the group form? We met in late 2015 while s

LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) - No New Friends | Song Review

  Labrinth , Sia and Diplo present LSD again on their new track ' No New Friends ' which is the lead single from their upcoming self-titled album due to be released in April 2019. I know LSD ( the group ) have been releasing music for a while now and it was a group I never knew I needed. I have LOVED every single song they have released and I am very excited for their album. ' No New Friends ' is another amazing song. Lyrically artistic and production is amazing. Their music, videos and single/album covers are so aesthetically pleasing and the team-up works so well. I seriously can't wait for their album. It is an album I am going to buy and stream like mad. ' No New Friends ' features Labrinth and Sia singing about the friends they already have; saying that they’re happy with their current lives while Diplo helps with the bubbly, bright, upbeat production. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker | Song Review

  Iggy Azalea has released her first single since becoming an independent artist called ' Sally Walker '. It is the lead single from her upcoming studio album ' In My Defense ' which is set to be released later this year. When I first heard Iggy was parting ways from her label, I was nervous for her - I can't really explain why. I want the best for her but the good thing is that she gets to release the music she fully likes and I am excited about the future releases. When I heard ' Sally Walker ' for the first time, my nerves vanished and I am so excited for the new era. The song is so catchy and so fun - I absolutely love it. Iggy is such a talented songwriter and I am so excited for her upcoming album. Iggy is calling out her haters who are not brave enough to face her and boasts about her status. The twerk-able beat was produced by J. White Did It and much praise to him - such an addictive beat. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

HRVY - Told You So | Song Review

  HRVY has released his next 'bop' titled ' Told You So '. I have covered HRVY 's last 2 releases and I am starting to become a huge fan of his music - he is a very underrated singer. ' Told You So ' is another upbeat song from HRVY but with a heartbreak meaning behind it. It is an explanation for a breakup. He shows that he suffered from the break up because he has not been able to make the relationship work. It shows very clearly that this relationship was not healthy and it had to be stopped. Making a story of a break up into an upbeat is really important. Yes, the break up sucked but he is making it into something good. There are speculations that this song references certain people who he has previously had a public relationship with. I really like this song - again, HRVY  is releasing such 'bangers' recently. He needs appreciating more for his music. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Tayla Parx - I Want You | Song Review

  Tayla Parx has released her new single, ' I Want You ', before the release of her new album ' We Need To Talk '. She has revealed that ' I Want You ' is an introduction of what we can expect from the album. At the start of the song, it sounds like there is an element of Kawaii sounds in it as well as something from outer-space - I am not sure how to explain it but I really like the sound Tayla is feeding us. This isn't a song you would usually hear on the radio and I really like it for that. It is quirky and vert artistic. It has an artistic edge to the songs that you hear constantly on the radio - songs like this should be played on the radio. Tayla has revealed that she wrote this song about her indecisiveness which you can clearly hear in the lyrics - ' 2 is a just company, 3 is a crowd '. She is struggling to decide on who might be the perfect match for her. In some contexts, it can be related to discovering someone's sexuality - from

Sabrina Carpenter - Pushing 20 | Song Review

  Sabrina Carpenter has released a new single called ' Pushing 20 '. I might be the only person that thinks this but this song has a grown-up, mature sound to it. She released her last album in November 2018 and the progression I can hear from this song and the last album is insanely good. I really like this song. It has been confirmed that this song is the lead single from her upcoming album ' Singular: Act II ' which is being released later this year. The song is about how Sabrina doesn’t care about other people’s opinions and how she would rather spend her time dealing with her own responsibilities. Throughout the song, there are elements of all different genres blended into one but still has that strong pop sound that Sabrina is best known for. I feel like she is really experimenting with music and it makes me so excited for her next album. Sabrina first played/performed ' Pushing 20 ' at the first show of the Singular Tour in Orlando, Florida. She

Ava Max - So Am I | Song Review

  Ava Max has released a new single following her worldwide smash hit ' Sweet But Psycho '. The new track is titled ' So Am I '. When I started listening to this song for the first time, I honestly thought I was listening to ' Sweet By Psycho '. This song seems to follow the same tune at the beginning - which I think is very clever. I am not sure if they used a sample from the song but to me, it sounds like it. I might be completely wrong. ' So Am I ' follows the same lively vibe than her previous hit. Ava Max seems to have a very quirky take on music which I love. I had never really heard of Ava until ' Sweet But Psycho ' but I have a feeling we will be hearing her a lot more now. This song is equally as catchy as her previous release. She is very talented and I am excited to hear more. Certainly one of my favourite break-through artists. Ava has revealed that the song is about loving yourself, being different, being an outcast and not f

AshleyBGA (ft. Chud) - Pink Coats | Song Review

  AshleyBGA has teamed up with Chud on her track, ' Pink Coats '. She is a college student who happens to rap - says her Spotify bio. ' Pink Coats ' is a catchy, fun rap song with a cool beat. The song starts with Chud rapping in a husky manner then moves over to AshleyBGA to spit her verse. This song is written well and the production is good too. I think the mixture of male and female rapping really sets this song off. The beat is very catchy, I can't help tapping my feet to the beat. I can't get over how well this song is written. I personally think rappers need more recognition for their music, the lyrics that they write are so good. One lyric I can't help saying at the same time at AshleyBGA is when she says her name - it seems so sassy but it is always good to make sure people know who is rapping and whose song it is. Such a fun, catchy song. I can see both AshleyBGA and Chud having a very successful career. I am really going to be looking ou

Melodi - This Bed | Song Review

  Melodi is a singer-songwriter based in London, England. I have to say, she is very talented and her voice is insane - such a soft, comfortable and light voice. Her newest single ' This Bed ' marks her third song being on major streaming platforms. Her previous work consists of ' Dance With Me ' (2018) and ' So Good ' (2018). Throughout ' This Bed ', Melodi is giving chilling vocals while singing catchy lyrics. She has really proved herself as a songwriter on this track and the amazing, soothing melodies behind her amazing vocals really set the song off! It is a song everyone needs to add to their playlists - she is certainly an artist to look out for. Melodi also recently released the music video for the song and in Melodi 's words (on her Twitter ) ' I had a vision and these guys managed to produce something better than what I could have imagined. Eternally grateful to the guys at @lowkeyfilms and to everyone that was involved in this vi

LuvAbstract - Matrix | Song Review

  LuvAbstract  began his music journey writing and rapping with artists in his home town. After 5 years, he decided he wanted to experiment with fusing both alternative and pop music together to form a new sound. This sound really works for  LubAbstract , I love the combination. With his fan-base slowly growing, he continues to release music that is so brilliantly done. His artistic take on music is very impressive. LuvAbstract  released his single ' Matrix ' in January 2019 and I really love it. The beat of the song is insane and it fits the title - which is a weird thing to point out. The lyrics are really catchy throughout the song. This pop, electronic, and RnB infused track is on repeat. It really frustrates me when people don't give artists enough recognition and  LuvAbstract  is one of the artists. He is so talented and his music should be charting high. I am very impressed and I am excited about future releases from him! I got the chance to do a little Q&A se

Marshmello (ft. CHVRCHES) - Here With Me | Song Review

  Marshmello is known for creating smash hits and fun, lively, upbeat songs so before I even listened to his new single, I was excited. He has teamed up with CHVRCHES on his new track ' Here With Me '. Straight away, as the song starts, CHVRCHES' member, Lauren Mayberry , starts singing - she is very talented, I have got to say. Of course, a Marshmello song is a club banger. This sound would give insane vibes during a festival. This collaboration really works. Marshmello 's production with the help of  Iain Cook and Martin Doherty from CHVRCHES ' acoustic feel really blend together nicely. The vocals of Lauren Mayberry are insane. I can tell she would be really good to live! The lyrics to the song suggests that the song is about a romantic affair. The singer goes on about having her lover and best friend with her every day and all the time. She is falling in love with her lover because he is ' saying the words that I want to say '. A very enjoyable s

Louis Tomlinson - Two Of Us | Song Review

  Louis Tomlinson has finally released his new song, ' Two Of Us ' and his fans are going crazy. After a long break from music, ' Two Of Us ' is a perfect song to come back with. The song starts off slow, with Louis giving us vocals but slowly builds up for the chorus. It isn't an overall upbeat song which we are used to hearing from Louis but I like the variety. I can't lie, I did use to think he was the weakest vocalist during his time with One Direction but I have since realised that he has a unique voice. While in a group, it is hard to release songs that each member likes. Post Once Direction , each member has been releasing music they like and which fits their voices the best and that is when we can see their true talent. The lyrics of ' Two of Us ' see Louis opening up on the sadness that took control of his life following the death of his mother in 2016. He is singing about her, making sure she is proud of him - which I am sure she is. A po

John Newman - Feelings | Song Review

  John Newman is back after taking a break from releasing music with his new single titled ' Feelings '. This is such a lively, dance-able song to come back with. I absolutely love it. I don't know what I was expecting before I listened to the track - I kind of expected a slow, ballad kind-of-song but I was wrong and I was also shocked (in a good way). It is a club banger! I can certainly see myself dancing to this song while drinking an alcoholic beverage. One thing I also love about this song is that John is making a sad song into a lively, happy song. When listening to the lyrics, it seems like the production doesn't reflect the feelings perfectly. But taking something sad and making it into a lively song shows power in my opinion. I really like it. I have always known John for serving really good vocals throughout his songs and ' Feelings ' is another example of that. Really good beat, really good vocals. Overall, a smash hit song that deserves high suc

Rita Ora (ft. 6LACK) - Only Want You | Song Review

  Rita Ora has had huge success during her ' Phoenix ' era with her songs and album smashing the charts and she has now teamed up with 6LACK with her next single ' Only Want You '. Rita Ora is an artist I really like - her artistic take on music is amazing. Her songwriting abilities and vocal range are insane. She always releases catchy songs, repetitive lyrics and I think she is really smart about her music. ' Only Want You ' is another love song with Rita pleading to her lover that she only wants him, no one else. I seem to say it about most songs I review but I can feel the passion and feelings through Rita 's voice. I attract to music that you can hear the pain, feelings, love etc. Music is therapy - don't take music for granted. 6LACK 's verse is nice; I don't feel like he was needed on the song. I think I would have preferred Rita to carry on singing but he does add something extra on the song. The original song on the album isn'

SEABUS - Uncertainty | Song Review

SEABUS has released his debut single in January 2019 called ' Uncertainty ' and I am kind of obsessed with it. The song discusses being uncertain and confused about a relationship. Whether they are on good or bad terms, whether it is official or not - it can have endless meanings. But the song also discusses being confused with life and uncertain with the direction life is going - unsure what to do. As I have said many times, each person has different views and opinions of what songs mean to them. The backing track of this song reminds me of a video game and I can certainly see it being played in one too. The song isn't too upbeat but it isn't too slow either. It stands in the middle. It is slow lyrically but with a great beat in the background. I am very excited for more music from SEABUS. When you first listen to the song, it seems like such a 'simple' song but the artistry in it is amazing. The backing track and SEABUS' lyrics and voice really make thi

Leo C - Turtles | EP Review

  Leo C is a folk/rock n roll artist from Southend-On-Sea, England. He has released many albums, EP's and singles over the past few years such as ' Side on Demos EP ' (2017), his self-titled album ' Leo C ' (2017), ' Let's Hear It For The Fascists ' (2018), ' You've Got It All ' (2018) and ' We Age ' (2018). In January 2019, Leo released his new EP ' Turtles ' which includes the track ' We Age '. The EP is infused of folk/rock n roll feel with good songwriting by Leo . The music within this EP isn't the kind of music I listen to on a day to day basis but I love branching out and trying new kind of music. I am open to all genres and styles because artists music is their way of telling a story. I really like the lyrics throughout this EP. The songs are well written but they are also easy to understand. Some songwriters write their music in a way that is hard to understand fully and doesn't give the story away

Drod (ft. JTB) - Joe Paterno | Song Review

  Drod is a rapper/Hip-Hop artist from Raleigh, United States. From listening to his music, he is VERY talented. He can 'spit bars' like mad, I am very impressed. He has released many songs over the years but mainly posting them on his Soundcloud . One thing I love about Drod - which is a weird thing to love to be honest - is his single covers. They are so simple but so effective. I have a thing for good, aesthetic single covers and Drod really does it well. He has teamed up with JTB for his new track titled ' Joe Paterno '. If you don't know who Joe Paterno is - he was an American college football player, athletic director, and coach. With 409 victories, Joe is the most victorious coach in NCAA FBS history. With some ups and downs in his life (including a major scandal), Joe passed away in January 2012. This song is ace, it is really impressive how Drod and JTB can rap how they do, I will be losing my breath after a few words. There are not any quiet or b