HRVY - Told You So | Song Review

 HRVY has released his next 'bop' titled 'Told You So'. I have covered HRVY's last 2 releases and I am starting to become a huge fan of his music - he is a very underrated singer.

'Told You So' is another upbeat song from HRVY but with a heartbreak meaning behind it. It is an explanation for a breakup. He shows that he suffered from the break up because he has not been able to make the relationship work. It shows very clearly that this relationship was not healthy and it had to be stopped.

Making a story of a break up into an upbeat is really important. Yes, the break up sucked but he is making it into something good. There are speculations that this song references certain people who he has previously had a public relationship with.

I really like this song - again, HRVY is releasing such 'bangers' recently. He needs appreciating more for his music.

Overall Rating:



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