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Skyfever - Kings | Song Review

  Skyfever are a rock band from Ireland who are breaking through in a big way, with their music being selected for play in a number of famous sports stadiums. The band consists of Luke Lang (Vocals), Brian Clarke (Guitar/Sounds), Tyson Harding (Guitar), Ciaran O’Brien (Bass) and Karl Hand (Drums). Following from their ' Rear View Mirror ' EP, they have released their new single titled ' Kings '. I really like this song. I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of rock music but I know talent when I hear it. This group are so talented and really underrated. The high energy of bass and guitar in the background really makes this song come alive. And you can't forget the amazing vocals from Luke Lang in the group. This song is very well done. The intense instruments aren't too in your face. Everything is done very well. The perfect mixture of instruments and vocals. I am really impressed. As I have mentioned, I am not a massive fan of rock music but this has really

PRETTYMUCH - Phases | Song Review

  PRETTYMUCH have released their new single ' Phases ' and it has to be my favourite song of theirs. I have never been a massive fan of PRETTYMUCH , I couldn't connect to their music as much but I gave them another chance I really like this song. 'Phases' isn't too upbeat but it isn't too slow. It has that infectious beat that you can bop your head or feet to. ' Phases ' is PRETTYMUCH ’s first explicit track, with the band claiming it is “real raw PRETTYMUCH .” I really love it when artists but real feelings into a song, it makes it so much personal and really nice to listen too. The members of PRETTYMUCH are keeping the meaning of the song a secret. It has been revealed that this songs follows a true story that has happened to one or all of the members. I really like this song, it has a really good feel to it and the vocals through out are insane. As I have mentioned, I haven't really listened to PRETTYMUCH before but I love the combinati

Taylor Swift (ft. Brendon Urie) - ME! | Song Review

  Taylor Swift has teamed up with Panic! at the Disco 's Brendon Urie on her lead single titled ' ME! ' for her upcoming seventh studio album. I was excited for this release but also kind of nervous. From the marketing/teases Taylor and her team was posting on Social Media, this era seems to be very colourful whereas her previous era for ' Reputation ' was quite edgy and some may say emo-like. I loved ' Reputation ' and I wanted Taylor to stick with her edgier side. When I first listened to ' ME! ', I didn't like it. It was very pop - kind of too much pop for me. I have seen a few people say this and I agree - this song seems very childish compared to her last era. I truly hear that. I am not a massive fan. It doesn't seem to be lead single worthy. I also see people say that the song didn't need Brendon Urie but I disagree. I think he really suits this song and his vocals are really nice and smooth and adds something good to the t

Lil Dicky - Earth | Song Review

  Lil Dicky has released a new single called ' Earth ' which features many artists such as Justin Bieber , Ariana Grande , Halsey , Zac Brown , Brendon Urie , Hailee Steinfeld , Wiz Khalifa , Snoop Dogg and many more. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation . ' Earth ' is an environmental awareness song, released three days before Earth Day 2019 , about the dangers that climate change has on our planet and its ecosystems. With this important message behind it, Lil Dicky has managed to also make it fun and quite funny. I think it is really good for all of these artists to take part in such a important song. We do need to look after our home planet. The vocals throughout the song from various artists are really good and the lyrics are fun but educational. It is quite a catchy song, which is what we need. I really hope this song becomes a worldwide hit to educate people about what we are doing to our planet and how we need to sa

Dinah Jane - Heard It All Before | Song Review

 Following from ' Bottled Up ' - her debut single as a solo artist, Dinah Jane has released 3 new songs in a mini EP called ' Dinah Jane 1 '. However, I don't think it is an official EP. The songs include ' Heard It All Before ', ' Pass Me By ' and ' Fix It '. I have decided to review ' Heard It All Before ' as it is my favourite song from the mini EP. The song seems to go a different direction than her debut single, ' Heard It All Before ' seems to be more 90's/early 2000's Pop/RnB. It kind of reminds me of a Spice Girls song. It is a really catchy, fun song with a few really sassy moments. I really think this song could be a big hit with the right promotion. I think this song out of the 3 really shows off her vocals and she sounds like she has really improved. I really like this song. What I also love about this song is that it doesn't sound like it should have a feature - it feels complete. I really love the

Au/Ra - Assassin | Song Review

  Au/Ra has released her new single titled ' Assassin '. I discovered Au/Ra last year with her EP ' X Games ' - I was so invested in her music style and artistic approach. Her lyrics are well written and her voice gives me the chills (in a good way). I loved her as a artist, I felt like she was bringing something different. When she announced that she was releasing a new single, I was so excited and I was so looking forward to hearing it. ' Assassin ' follows the same kind-of-sound that her previous music has portrayed. I can hear improvements with the dark-ish vibes it gives off. Her voice is soft, low and quite intriguing. I loved the song as soon as I heard it. She reminds me of Billie Eilish , but I prefer Au/Ra . I feel she is so underrated but her approach to music needs to be heard more. Au/Ra stated in a e-newsletter ' Writing 'Assassin' was a self realisation. I originally wrote it about someone else, until I realised that it was somet

The Vamps - Missing You | EP Review

    The Vamps have released their new EP titled ' Missing You ' which features 4 songs: 1. Missing You 2. Right Now (ft. Krept & Konan) 3. Waves 4. All The Lies (Acoustic) The EP follows their usual sound which is very much pop but with drums and acoustic guitar in some parts of the song - their sound has really developed over the years and the sound works really well for them. They are a very talented group but I don't seem to hear much from them. I know they release music quite regularly but I don't hear them in the charts as much as I used too which really surprises me. The title track of this EP ' Missing You ' starts off slow with what sounds like a soft piano playing in the background. The vocals from Brad Simpson (the lead vocalist) creep in. The vocals through out the sounds are raspy but so smooth. The chorus has a little bit of a beat but the whole songs stays quite slow and ballad-like. I don't seem to connect with slower, ballad-like song

Kygo & Rita Ora - Carry On | Song Review

    Kygo and Rita Ora have teamed up on the new single ' Carry On ' which is from the original motion Picture of ' Detective Pikachu '. I have recently become obsessed with Pokemon Go ( I'm late, I know ) and I am really wanting to see this movie. Anyway, this song is quite mellow, there isn't much going on and what I mean by that is, it isn't a overpowering instrumental. I think the beat really suits Rita Ora 's voice. It is a really good song. It isn't really a song I would have on repeat as I do find it a little boring but that is my personal opinion. I could see this song suiting the movie though. It has a vibe - it is hard to explain. Rita 's vocals are smooth and really elevates the song. Both Rita Ora and Kygo have really served on this tune but a little bit of improvement could be made. Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆  

Beyoncé - Homecoming (The Live Album) | Album Review

  Beyoncé has released the live album of her concert at Coachella 2018 titled ' Homecoming ' that follows from the 2 hour documentary of the performance which was released onto Netflix . I love  Beyoncé - her ' Lemonade ' album is my all time favourite album EVER and hearing some of the songs from that album live is truly amazing. Everyone knows  Beyoncé , she is incredibly talented and after listening to this album, I learnt that she was more talented than I thought she was. The Opera performance at the end of ' Don't Hurt Yourself ' / the beginning of ' I Care ' is truly fantastic and I personally didn't know she could do that! Beyoncé really shows that she can do everything, her voice is so versatile and her performances... well... they are FANTASTIC. She really has earnt the title of the queen of music. It is also really nice to hear some of her old songs. I just can't express how talented  Beyoncé is! Her vocals were so good throu

BTS (ft. Halsey) - Boy With Luv | Song Review

 One of the biggest K-Pop groups, BTS , has teamed up with Halsey on the new single ' Boy With Luv '. I am going to get the moaning out of the way... I am a little disappointed... I thought there would be more Halsey in the song than there actually was. The only memorable line of Halsey 's that I remember is ' Oh My My My ' which... Isn't great. I guess I am being a big dramatic - Halsey does have a very small part in the song but I expected more, she is so talented and I feel like her talent has been wasted. Apart from the negatives, ' Boy With Luv ' is such a fun, dance-able song. I actually quite like it. I haven't listening to much BTS before but I really do like this song. The music video for the song is also really good but again, I wish it has more Halsey in it. Another K-Pop act mixing English and Korean into their songs - I really like the mix. Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

Pixie Lott - Sunflower | Song Review

    Pixie Lott has been away from music for a little while but she has finally released some music. She has released a cover of Post Malone 's song ' Sunflower '. Pixie Lott was known for giving us cheesy, pop dance tunes and this this was my first time hearing her voice stripped back. Just a piano and her voice, amazing. This song is also a completely different take to Post Malone 's original version . I always like hearing different versions of the same song. The difference in songs can either enhance the meaning and story more or create a completely different meaning. As I have mentioned, this is my first time listening to Pixie 's voice stripped back without any crazy production. I like it - her voice is peaceful and beautiful. I do kind of miss her pop anthems that were bangers, lets be honest. I hope this means Pixie is back, creating music, more bops - PLEASE! Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Rak-Su - Yours Or Mine | Song Review

    Even though Rak-Su released their EP around a month ago, they're treating us with some more new music. Their new single ' Yours Or Mine ' is out now! Does this mean we are going to keep getting new Rak-Su music  throughout the year? I hope so!!! I think this is my favourite Rak-Su song. The song starts off with a dark, mysterious melody and then Myles starts off with his verse with a very pop, dance production. Rak-Su always release bangers and their songwriting capability is so good. I can never stop dancing when listening to a Rak-Su song! ' Yours Or Mine ' is about the early stages of a relationship. Speaking about the track, Rak-Su said " We asked each other what conversations do you have in the early stages of a relationship that you could turn into a song? And one of us said “yours or mine?” I think they were joking but the rest of us thought actually, when you do like someone and you’re having a fun night together, it’s a question that comes

The Landed - Don't Look Up To The Stars | Song Review

  The Landed are a group from Colchester, England who make classic, air-punching guitar driven songs and they have released their new single ' Don't Look Up To The Stars '. The song starts off making me feel quite tropical... That might be a weird feelings to get but then the drums and guitar kick in and the song becomes alive. The mixture of instruments throughout the song really put a indie-folk/rock'n'roll spin on it. I may be the only person who thinks/hears this but I hear a bit of country in the song. A mixture of genres is really good in my books - taking elements from different genres to make YOUR sound is really important and The Landed are insanely artistic and talented. I really love the electric guitar solo in the song, it puts a fun spin on things. The vocals throughout the song are mellow but effective. Sharp and snappy - very talented. A really fun and catchy song. The chorus has me singing along. I really like it. I got the chance to do a small

Emma Blackery - Cute Without You | Song Review

 Following from Emma Blackery 's debut album ' Villains ', she has released a new single called ' Cute Without You '. I am very excited about this release as the 'demo' was actually part of one of her YouTube videos. It was a sponsorship with a make up brand where Emma wrote, produced a song from scratch which was the birth of ' Cute Without You '. She used a Foundation and a Concealer as well as other items to create a beat. When I first watched the video from Emma , I was honestly shocked and amazed at how artistic this sponsorship was. But not only that, how creative and good the song was. She gained a lot of praise from her viewers and she decided to take it serious and master the song. I love the fact you can watch Emma 's video for the sample/draft and then listen to the mastered piece on streaming services. The song wasn't intended to be an actual song on Emma 's discography but I am glad it is. You can certainly hear the work t

Ellie Goulding - Sixteen | Song Review

  Ellie Goulding has released her new single called ' Sixteen ' which features different artist's younger picture on the single cover. The song has an obvious meaning - it is about being 16 years old again. The decisions you make when you're young but you think you're all grown up. Ellie has said the song is about the "reckless days of adolescence". Ellie Goulding has such a unique voice which I love and this song is no exception. It is truly brilliant. I am not much older than 16 - 4/5 years older to be exact - but it does take me back to when I was 16. I used to think I knew everything and when I had left school, I thought I was a grown up but I was wrong. Growing up is scary but it was always good to live in the moment and not take the teenage years for granted. The production is really good also. At some parts of the song, it does seem to be too loud/powerful for Ellie Goulding 's voice but I do like it. Ellie 's vocals through out the so

Miquela - Right Back | Song Review

    Miquela became a viral sensation after loads of conspiracy theories. Is she a robot? A human? No one really knows. Anyway, she is now releasing music and she has recently released her new single ' Right Back '.  I have to say, I love Miquela 's music! It is so musically brilliant - her artistic take is so impressive for a 'robot'. The hook is certainly the chorus, the repetitive lyrics make this song really catchy and  something you remember. I can remember I first listened to this song one morning and all day at work, I couldn't stop singing it. She seems to have a certain unique style to her music which makes her stand out. No matter what Miquela is or identifies as, you cannot say she isn't talented. I don't see her music is the charts too much but she needs to be heard more!   ' Right Back ' seems to be about an argument during a relationship and one half of the couple is pleading to be forgiven or wants to take it right back to where

Push Baby - Mama's House | Song Review

  Push Baby (Formerly known as Rixton ) has re-branded and released their debut single under the new name titled ' Mama's House '. Jake Roche (the lead vocalist in the group) announced on Twitter about the name change of the group from Rixton to Push Baby and the reason behind it. He admitted the group got dropped from their record label, he was open and honest and I respect him for that! Rixton was on a decline and got dropped by their record label - I think it is very smart and grown up to re-brand and bring something new. I have to admit, the image Rixton had (from my own perspective) was a generic boy band, nothing too special about them so it is nice to see them change their direction. Push Baby seems completely different, unique and something we never saw in Rixton . This makes me question whether the group was releasing the music they wanted to release or was they controlled by their former record label? ' Mama's House ' is so unique and is mor

Tulisa - Daddy | Song Review

    Tulisa has released her new single called ' Daddy ' after being quite on the music front for a while. ' Daddy ' is such a awkward title for the song, but nothing is ever off-limits for Tulisa ! I have been a fan of Tulisa since she was a judge on the UK version of The X Factor . I'm not going to lie, I wasn't involved in the music charts too much as a child so I wasn't part of the N-Dubz fan club. Her music since being a judge on The X Factor has been very Pop infused, some may say Bubblegum pop... Especially her previous release of ' Sweet Like Chocolate '. But ' Daddy ' seems to go in a different direction. It is still has major Pop infused but with a mix of RnB. I really think this sound suits Tulisa 's voice and music style. Tulisa has revealed that she is ready to create the music she enjoys instead of the music other people like. She has also said that she doesn't really care about chart positions which I think it is

Finn Doherty - The Middle Ground | Song Review

  Finn Doherty is a 19 year old artist from North London but based in Norwich. He has been making original music since he was 7 years old, and is now self-releasing homemade singles and EPs. Last year, Finn played a run of shows over the Summer, which included a main support slot for Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers , sets at Latitude and Sundown festival s, and live sessions for BBC Introducing and GAK . Finn has now released his new single ' The Middle Ground ' which begins with an acoustic guitar before the beat and Finn 's vocals arrive centre stage. I personally really like the song, it should certainly be somewhere on the charts. Finn is such a talented artist that really needs more recognition. The song starts off slow but when it gets to the first chorus, Finn 's vocals shine through a slow snappy production. I am not a massive fan of slow, ballad-kind-of songs but I wouldn't call this a ballad, it is a little upbeat to be a ballad - I really like it.

Bazzi - Paradise | Song Review

  Bazzi has released his new single ' Paradise ' on all platforms and I am a huge fan of the song. I want to get this first bit out of the way.... I LOVE THE VOICE CRACKS THAT ARE PRESENT THROUGHOUT THE SONG!!! Voice cracks does something to some people and I personally love them, if they're done 'right'. Bazzi is such a talented artist and his voice is so smooth. I love the production of this song also, everything is so smooth and polished. Bazzi 's artistic take to music is so good - amazing in-fact. When asked about the track, Bazzi said in a statement to MTV: ' It’s not about a location or vacation, it’s about portraying the feeling of ‘Paradise’ that can truly exist anywhere. For me, I always think so vividly of my Friday nights when I was in high school. I feel nostalgia and mystery around them and I really wanted to capture those feelings in this record. When people listen, I want to take them back to those times and give them that mood and fee

BLACKPINK - Kill This Love | Song Review

  BLACKPINK are becoming worldwide sensations and they have released their new song ' Kill This Love ' followed by a mini album with the same title. I have become a huge fan of BLACKPINK . Out of nowhere, K-Pop has become mainstream which I love! I think K-Pop is such a fun, pop genre. Every K-Pop song is a dance-able track. Also, their music videos seem to be crazy good and high budget. ' Kill This Love ' gives me the feels! I can't help dancing to it. It is so catchy and I love how some lyrics are in Korean and English. All 4 members of this group are so incredibly talented. The production is so wild but it really works. This song has been on repeat since its release. I don't know what to say about it because it is that good - I love the melody and the vibe the song gives off. I am becoming a BLACKPINK stan! Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét - MONOPOLY | Song Review

  Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét have released a new song which isn't an official single. I believe the song was supposed to be on Ariana 's ' thank u, next ' album but it didn't make the final cut. The song is called ' MONOPOLY '. The duo decided to release the song in celebration of ' 7 Rings ' being number 1 on the charts for 8 weeks. If I am being honest, it isn't my favourite Ariana song. I have never listened to Victoria 's music before but what I get from this song is that she is very talented. The production is cool and quite unique but I can see why the song didn't make the cut for the album. This song seems to not be fully finished production-wise, I'm not sure if that is the vibe they're going for but it just isn't my favourite but I can still bop to it. The lyrics are also really fun, they are taking a different approach and are regularly mentioning the popular board game of the same name. I think the more

Trevi Moran - On My Own | Song Review

 Internet sensation, Trevi Moran , has released her new single ' On My Own '. To start this review off, I am not sure this song is my favourite Trev i  has released. I love the fact that she has experimented with her vocal range and voice in this song but I don't really think it works. Nothing against her as an artist, I do think she is a very talented artist but this song isn't the best. The production of this song however is really fun and the beat is catchy. I have mixed feelings, I do like this song but I also don't - I am not sure how to explain it. No matter what Trev i  releases, her songs are always really catchy and fun. The visuals of the music video are really good and compliments the song. I love the quality and way the video has been filmed and edited. Overall Review: ★★★☆☆

The Chainsmokers - Kills You Slowly | Song Review

  The Chainsmokers has released their brand new single called ' Kills You Slowly ' which is from their upcoming studio album. It is nice to see The Chainsmokers doing a song on their own. I haven't really heard or listen to one of their songs that there isn't a feature on. Their vocals are really good and the production is so smooth throughout the song. I think I prefer their voices and songs without a feature. ' Kills You Slowly ' talks about a couple that are fighting and on edge, trying to fix what’s left of a seemingly broken relationship. Both sides put on fake personas and try to hold in arguments, fights, and disagreements to please others, even if it does kill them slowly. I can't get over how smooth the production and vocals are - I am not shocked because I have loved their collaborations before but wow. The chorus is very catchy with not many lyrics and I also love how the song dips into a slow melody with a prominent beat during the chorus bu

The Gallery - Pesticide | Song Review

  The Gallery is a four piece Alternative/Rock band based in Wakefield, England. Their aim is to redesign what a guitar band can be and convert their post-punk nihilistic flavours with hooks and rock tendencies - says their Spotify bio. The band have released their new single ' Pesticide ' which is straight to the point with snarling, anti-authoritarian, lyrics; this track sets an abrupt benchmark for what is to follow in the group’s career. Its vicious, brash chorus is conflicted by its spaced out, reverb licked verse combining heavy, post-punk nihilism with an entirely new form of indie-fuzz. There seems to not be many lyrics throughout the song but it works. I have to admit, I am not a massive fan of Alternative/Rock but this song is quite good. I just don't really vibe with this genre of music - nothing against this song or the band. I think this is the perfect amount of Alternative/Rock that I can tolerate. No doubt, this group is very talented and I can see them d