Emma Blackery - Cute Without You | Song Review

 Following from Emma Blackery's debut album 'Villains', she has released a new single called 'Cute Without You'.

I am very excited about this release as the 'demo' was actually part of one of her YouTube videos. It was a sponsorship with a make up brand where Emma wrote, produced a song from scratch which was the birth of 'Cute Without You'. She used a Foundation and a Concealer as well as other items to create a beat. When I first watched the video from Emma, I was honestly shocked and amazed at how artistic this sponsorship was. But not only that, how creative and good the song was.

She gained a lot of praise from her viewers and she decided to take it serious and master the song. I love the fact you can watch Emma's video for the sample/draft and then listen to the mastered piece on streaming services. The song wasn't intended to be an actual song on Emma's discography but I am glad it is. You can certainly hear the work that Emma has put into this song and the progression is insane. 'Cute Without You' may be my favourite Emma Blackery song! The mastered product isn't too far from the original draft which I really like.

The song is a post-break up song - one of the lovers have found a new partner and Emma doesn't care as much as the other person thinks. The lyrics are so catchy, while writing this review, I have been singing along, I just can't help myself. Emma's vocals throughout the song seem to have improved slightly from her debut album which is good as I do like to see progression.

I am really looking forward to hearing some more music from Emma. I hope she releases another full length studio album like 'Villains'. Her artistic take to music is different and quirky.

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