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Tashina Muzik - Happy | Song Review

Tashina Muzik released her first track of 2021 titled ' Happy '.  As it says in the title, the song is full of joy and happiness and it is a song everyone needs to hear at least once a day at the moment. Tashina is a rounded artist, who gets involved with several genres including reggae, hip hop, dancehall, R&B and afro beats.  When I heard this song for the first time, it is the exact song I needed to listen to.  And every time I hear it, I am instantly in a good mood and ready to go - especially when I am driving to work and I need an energy boost. I would highly recommend listening to this song if you are feeling low, or if you are feeling overwhelmed with what the world is currently going through.   The overall instrumental is so bubbly and energetic.  Tashina 's vocals are really good throughout also and all I want to do when listening to the song is forget my worries or problems and dance.  If you can just forget your problems for the duration of this song, I am

Matt Hawk (ft. Lasse Meling) - Give Me Up | Song Review

Producer, Matt Hawk has released a new single featuring Lasse Meling titled ' Give Me Up '. As stated in an Instagram post of Matt 's, it is a different style than the previous songs he has released - ' little less clubby, a little more funky '. Vocals are delivered by Lasse Meling  and they are on point - amazing vocals.  The whole song, in general, is well put together with catching production and catchy lyrics.  It is one of my favourite songs that has been released in 2021 so far.  ' Give Me Up ' is all about a lover giving up on the relationship.  Something has happened where they don't trust you anymore and all you want to do is rewind time and get back to how it was before. This song sounds like a song that you can see in the top 10 of the iTunes charts and I am certainly adding it to my playlists! Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Fanta - Problems | Song Review

Fanta  has a list of songs she has released and her newest one is titled ' Problems '.  Released in October 2020, it is all about not worrying about your problems, taking a moment to breathe and clear your mind. Doing things you love and not to worry about the things that are always there. Fanta  revealed that the funky song was inspired by the current COVID pandemic and lockdowns that have been taking place.   Fanta  wants to bring a brighten perspective of life during a dark period. When listening to the song, it definitely makes me feel light and happy and I love the funk but futuristic sound.  It really suits  Fanta 's vibes. Fanta  has experimented with different music genres and has confirmed she is still trying to find her sound, however, this funk sound within ' Problems ' really suits her aesthetic and voice.  Her voice is really soulful, I really love it. I really like the music video for the single too.  It really fits with the song and I love the vintage

Sam Sky - Hashtag Basic | Song Review

Sam Sky has released another new single titled ' Hashtag Basic ' which is possibly one of my favourite songs that he has released so far alongside ' I H8 The Internet ' and the oldie but goldie, ' Amnesia '.  It is such an upbeat song and the lyrics are being very catchy. I can't help but sing along.  The title, single cover and concept of the song is clever and very amusing. The song seems to be about an ex-lover (or it could be ex-friend?) who Sam has just found out are actually basic and not what they like to appear as. Within the song, you also see Sam put himself above the person who is talking about as he realises the other person isn't worth it. Sam 's creativity has gone above and beyond and he keeps improving on each song release.  ' Hashtag Basic ' has a summer feel to it.  I can imagine someone playing this through a wireless speaker on the beach.  The snappy instrumental makes your feet more naturally and even though the song

Drod - New Approach | Song Review

Drod has released his first single of 2021 titled ' New Approach '.  Drod is such a talented artist.  I always  love the songs he releases.  ' New Approach ' is a short 1 minute 37-second song which is a true vibe.  It speaks from the heart and from my interpretation, the song speaks about the hard work that is put into making music.  There is some kind of battle going on where there is so much effort being put into making music and numbers are growing but they are trying to make their friends, family and supporters proud. The stress of making it possible is getting on top of them and they are going in the new year relaxing more and taking a new approach to music and the lifestyle. In my opinion, the song is very hard-hitting and I am sure every artist can relate to this song; especially with how the music industry has been affected by the current pandemic. "Hopefully the money will translate, I know it's not the leading motive but it's a great way, to sh

Mouta - Keep Loving Me | Song Review

Mouta released a new single in December 2020 titled ' Keep Loving Me ' which is a chill track with trap beats and the soft but vibrant lyrics throughout. Mouta is the artist name for his projects.  His real name is Vitor and he is producer, songwriter and beatmaker from Portugal. The small number of lyrics within the song is repetitive, not much of a story is being painted for me. However, I believe this makes the song unique and quite mysterious.  After I had listened to the song for a few times, I was singing the lyrics.  Songs don't always have to have a long story behind them.  Having little to no lyrics always feels like a mystery to me - you just want to know more.  The title of this track is pretty self-explanatory but I still want to know more, I am really intrigued.  It is quite a catchy beat but such a chilling instrumental. He has a real talent for putting beats together.  Once I had listened to this song, I went back to his previous singles to see how they com

Arrow - Liar | Song Review

Arrow has released a new single titled ' Liar '.  This was the first song I heard from Arrow and I am honestly blown away with her voice and lyrical talent.  This is her second single and I am shocked! The talent she is portraying so far is outstanding and I am looking forward to hearing more music in the future and see how she progresses as an artist. ' Liar ' starts with a prominent electric guitar and then the volume lowers ready for Arrow 's vocals to shine.  The lyrics throughout are well written and I am really impressed.  The pop-punk feel really adds to the song and you can hear the emotion of frustration and anger pour out. I don't usually like comparing artists or saying one artist reminds me of another as each artist has their own sound, style and artistry.  However, I do get Paramore vibes from Arrow .  I hear a slight familiarity. Compared to Arrow 's debut single ' Cult ', ' Liar ' seems to be very different musically which I l

Sam Sky (ft. Bill Noir) - Sick & Tired | Song Review

I am a huge fan of Sam Sky and have been for ages now.  He is one of the most hard-working independent artists I have personally witnessed.  He has released a new single titled ' Sick & Tired ' featuring Bill Noir 's beats. This is one of many hits Samy Sky will be releasing in 2021. ' Sick & Tired ' is all about people who take advantage of others.  In an Instagram post, Sam Sky stated " I've been doing this for a long time, and with that I got over the brunt of my insecure ego and lame as fuck pride a lonnggggggg time ago and have been humbled greatly in the process. These days I make a point to be available and supportive, and do my best to be genuine and sincere. Inevitably mf's take advantage of that or experience some mediocre minimal, shallow success, think they're hot shit, and get toooooo fucking cool. "Sick & Tired" is a song for those people specially - I may be accessible, genuine, and do my best to be kind and su

Voix - Breathless | Song Review

Voix is the artist alias of songwriting & production team, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith. Their undeniably melodic characteristic boasts elements of commercial pop and a distinctively alternative signature edge. They have released singles, ‘ Devotion ’, ‘ Lost ’, ‘ Pull You Down ’ and ‘ Hard to Find ’ since March 2020, as well as the popular remixes of ‘ Work Me ’ by Pop/R&B outfit, Badmind, ‘ Leave the Car ’ by folk/singer-songwriter, The Attic Movement and ‘ Standing Tall ’ by Eric Ananda. Voix has independently racked up more than 300,000 Spotify streams in 91 Countries, currently featuring on over 600 curated playlists. The UK based duo have released their new single titled ' Breathless '.  The song starts off with a soft, calming instrumental with a prominent acoustic guitar, a very calming start. The song then slowly progresses and builds to a climactic chorus.  I would say this is a true, classic summer tune.  I can't wait for warm weather so I can play this