Arrow - Liar | Song Review

Arrow has released a new single titled 'Liar'.  This was the first song I heard from Arrow and I am honestly blown away with her voice and lyrical talent.  This is her second single and I am shocked! The talent she is portraying so far is outstanding and I am looking forward to hearing more music in the future and see how she progresses as an artist.

'Liar' starts with a prominent electric guitar and then the volume lowers ready for Arrow's vocals to shine.  The lyrics throughout are well written and I am really impressed.  The pop-punk feel really adds to the song and you can hear the emotion of frustration and anger pour out.

I don't usually like comparing artists or saying one artist reminds me of another as each artist has their own sound, style and artistry.  However, I do get Paramore vibes from Arrow.  I hear a slight familiarity.

Compared to Arrow's debut single 'Cult', 'Liar' seems to be very different musically which I like to see.  Arrow is still at the beginning of her musical journey and at this stage, finding your sound is important.  I like to see artists experiment and make every song different.  It makes me more excited for future releases and this is exactly how I feel about Arrow.

Overall Rating:




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