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ALMA - Cowboy | Song Review

Alma is a Finnish singer and songwriter. Beginning her career in 2013, she placed fifth in the seventh season of the Finnish version of Idol . Her breakthrough came in 2015 when she was featured on the single ' Muuta ku mä ' by Sini Sabotage , and was subsequently signed to Universal Music Group. She has released singles such as ' Karma ' and ' Dye My Hair ', both of which became top ten hits in Finland. Her 2017 single ' Chasing Highs ' repeated this success and also reached the top twenty in Germany and the United Kingdom. Her debut Mixtape ' Heavy Rules Mixtape ' was released in 2018 and reached the top ten in Finland. She has recently released her newest single ' Cowboy '. I have to say, it is different to songs I usually listen too as it sounds more grungy but I really like it. Alma has a sort of 'edge' to her. I have to admit, I love her hair too. The song is about her move from Finland to LA. It seems like Alma struggl

Zara Larsson - Ruin My Life | Song Review

Zara Larsson is a Swedish singer-songwriter who shot to fame in 2012 when she won ' Talang ' which is the Swedish version of British TV's Got Talent at aged 10. In 2012 she signed with record label ' TEN Music Group ' and released her debut EP ' Introducing ' in January 2013. Since then, Zara has released many smash hit singles such as ' Lush Life ', ' Never Forget You ', ' Ain't My Fault ' and you can't forget the collaboration with Clean Bandit called ' Symphony '. The singer has recently released her new single ' Ruin My Life ' and I personally really like the song. One of my favourite Zara Larsson songs is ' Ain't My Fault ' because of how qwerky and fun the song is and it has a really good beat to it. I think ' Ruin My Life ' is similar to that song. Even though this song is slower, it still has the same feel - especially in the chorus. At the start of this song, it sounds like it is

Camila Cabello - Consequences (Orchestra) | Song Review

I am a massive fan of Camila ! I really enjoyed her debut album ' Camila ' which was released in January 2018. Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter who rose to fame through being a member of a girl group on the American version of The X-Factor. The girl group she was apart of was called Fifth Harmony who, after The X-Factor, released many smash hits such as ' Work From Home ', ' Worth It ' and more. She decided to leave the group in December 2016. Camila , as a solo artist, has released many smash hits such as ' Crying In The Club ', ' I Have Questions ', ' Havana ' and many others. Her debut album did really well too. In October 2018, she released her last single from her debut album. It is called ' Consequences ' which is an Orchestra version of the song from the album. If I am being honest, I am not a fan of slow ballad songs. I can truly feel the feelings the singer/songwriter is portraying within the son

Little Mix (ft. Nicki Minaj) - Woman Like Me | Song Review

Little Mix is back with a brand new single featuring Nicki Minaj called ' Woman Like Me '. I have been a MASSIVE fan of Little Mix since they were formed on The X-Factor UK  in 2011. If you don't know who Little Mix are (?)  : Little Mix is a British girl group who was formed in 2011 during the eighth series of The X Factor UK . They were the first group to win the competition and they signed with Simon Cowell 's record label Syco Music and released a cover of Damien Rice 's ' Cannonball ' as their winner's single. The group consists of Jade Thirlwall , Perrie Edwards , Leigh-Anne Pinnock , and Jesy Nelson . They have released 4 chart-topping studio albums called ' DNA ' (2012), ' Salute ' (2013), ' Get Weird ' (2015) and ' Glory Days ' (2016) and they have also released a Platinum Edition of Glory Days in 2017 which featured 3 new songs - ' Is Your Love Enough? ', ' Dear Lover ' and ' If I Get My

M.O (ft. Chip) - Wondering | Song Review

M.O a British girl group which formed in 2012. The group consists of  Annie Ashcroft , Chanal Benjilali and Nadine Samuels .  Frankee Connolly was once part of the group but decided to leave in 2017 - then was replaced by Chanal . They are currently signed to Polydor Records since earlier 2016. They have released many singles such as ' Who Do You Think Of ', ' Preach ', ' Not In Love ' and many more. They have also released their come-back smash hit called ' Bad Vibe ' in January 2018. They have also confirmed that they have been working on an album/EP and I am really excited for it to be released. Their sound seems to have matured a lot within the last year. I got the chance to see M.O live in concert while they were supporting Little Mix on their Salute Tour (picture below) in 2014. Chanal wasn't part of the group at this point but I can remember when the group was announced as a support act, I had their songs on repeat so I could learn the

Mariah Carey - With You | Song Review

Mariah Carey is back… AGAIN! She has recently brought out her newest single called ‘With You’. After the huge success and the variety of meme’s from her last single, ‘GFTO’, Mariah is back with the newest single from her upcoming album which is still currently untitled. This song is more of a slow, light ballad instead of a sassy tune that her last single was. There is still the classic Mariah sound with the amazing vocals. A finger-snap beat and warm piano instrumentals, the song is definitely one you could feel calm after listening to it. The song is about falling in love with a variety of classic Mariah Carey high notes throughout the song. Mariah has confirmed that she is currently putting the finishing touches of her upcoming untitled album and I am really excited. However, no official title or release date has been confirmed so we will have to wait and see. Mariah has such a calming voice and her songs always make me feel so calm. I can’t help but always think her songs sound lik

Halsey - Without Me | Song Review

Halsey is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane and her professional name (Halsey) is an anagram of her first name. She has released 2 studio albums called ‘Badlands’ in 2015 and ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ in 2017. I have been a fan of Halsey for a while – she creates some really good music and she has a very distinct voice as well as amazing songwriting abilities. She has released a new single called ‘Without Me’ and it is her first solo single in over a year. This song is rumoured to be about her break up with G-Eazy that happened earlier this year (2018). You can definitely hear from the lyrics that this is a breakup song, and Halsey does break up songs very, very well. Her R&B sound with her distinct voice – amazing! The bridge of the song is an inverse on Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cy Me A River’ and this song is the first song she has ever written under her birth name. She explained in an interview with Beats 1 Radio that it’s her mos

Charli XCX (ft. Troye Sivan) - 1999 | Song Review

Charli XCX has released a new single with Troye Sivan called ‘1999’. Charli is constantly releasing music which I really like. I am excited to see Charli and Troye on a song together and it is such a fun song to listen too! If you are unaware who Charli XCX is – she is a 26-year-old British singer/songwriter. She began her career performing at underground raves as a teenager and then signing with Asylum Records in 2010. She has released 4 albums called True Romance (released in 2013), Sucker (released in 2014), Number 1 Angel and Pop2 (both released in 2017). She has also featured on many popular songs wish Iggy Azalea, Iconic pop and many other. In October 2018, she released her new singled I titles ‘1999’ with Troye Sivan. The song was inspired by the film 1999 film, The Matix. The song also references Britney Spears and Michael Jackson with lyrics such as ‘My room singing Michael Jackson (hee, hee)’ and ‘I just wanna go back, sing Hit me, baby, one more time’. This song is such a fu

Phantoms (ft. Vanessa Hudgens) - Lay With Me | Song Review

EVERY HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FAN IS SCREAMING!   Vanessa Hudgens is back! She is featured on Phantoms new song 'Lay With Me'.   Phantoms are a Los Angeles-based electronic dance music duo. The group consists of Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola. They have recently teamed up with High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens on their new smash hit!   "Making this song was such a serendipitous experience.” Phantoms discuss the making of the single, “We grew up with Vanessa then weirdly ran into her at the airport last year and talked about working on music at some point. Then a few months later we got in the studio and recorded this song. It was a cool way to reconnect since the last time we all hung out we were around 16 years old. So happy this song is finally out, it’s one of our favourites." Vanessa Hudgens adds, “I’m so excited for this song and music video. I loved being in the studio again working with Phantoms. Crazy we reconnected all these years later and got to create

Rak-Su - I Want You To Freak | Song Review

Rak-Su were the second group to win The X-Factor UK in 2017 (Little Mix being the first in 2011). The band consists of Myles Stephenson, Ashley Fongho, Mustafa Rahimtulla and Jamaal Shurland. They rose to fame by performing their own, original songs during the live shows - songs such as 'I'm Feeling You', 'Dimelo', 'Mamacita' and others. During their time on The X-Factor, Rak-Su scored themselves multiple top-charting songs with their original music and that made everyone excited to see what they would bring out after the X-Factor. They have since released 2 singles - one as a promotional single for their up and coming work called 'Pyro Ting' and their official debut single, 'I Want You To Freak'. I feel like this song is very different from the songs they performed on the X-Factor. Obviously, an artist is going to grow and find a new type of music they're interested in creating - but this song doesn't have the same vibe as their pr

Olly Murs (Ft. Snoop Dogg) - Moves | Song Review

Olly Murs shot to fame during the sixth series of The X-Factor UK in 2009. He has had multiple smash hits over the years such as 'Unpredictable (Ft. Louisa Johnson)', 'Troublemaker (ft. Flo Rida)', 'Dance With Me Tonight' and many others. He has been taken a little break for 2 years but he is back to bringing out music and he has brought out his comeback single 'Moves (ft. Snoop Dogg)'. He is also about to drop his sixth studio album! His new single, 'Moves' was produced by Steve Mac and co-written by a team consisting of Steve Mac, Ed Sheeran, Ammar Malik and Snoop Dogg. This song does sound like a song Ed Sheeran would have written - maybe the song was originally written for Ed but decided to give it to another artist? Olly Murs has a very distinct sound to his songs, there is always a groovy production which makes it fun and dance-able. I really like this song! As I have mentioned, it is very much an 'Olly Murs' song with a twist of