Mariah Carey - With You | Song Review

Mariah Carey is back… AGAIN! She has recently brought out her newest single called ‘With You’.

After the huge success and the variety of meme’s from her last single, ‘GFTO’, Mariah is back with the newest single from her upcoming album which is still currently untitled. This song is more of a slow, light ballad instead of a sassy tune that her last single was. There is still the classic Mariah sound with the amazing vocals. A finger-snap beat and warm piano instrumentals, the song is definitely one you could feel calm after listening to it. The song is about falling in love with a variety of classic Mariah Carey high notes throughout the song.

Mariah has confirmed that she is currently putting the finishing touches of her upcoming untitled album and I am really excited. However, no official title or release date has been confirmed so we will have to wait and see.

Mariah has such a calming voice and her songs always make me feel so calm. I can’t help but always think her songs sound like some kind of Christmas song – she is the queen of Christmas. I want her to bring out another Christmas album.

Overall, this song is really good. Good vocals, good songwriting, good instrumental and an overall calming song. These newest releases from Mariah makes me excited for her album!

Overall Rating:


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