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Yuna (feat. Usher) - Crush | Song Review

 For throwback Thursday I’m listening to the 2016 song ’Crush’. It was a perfect duet between Usher and Yuna, both of these artist have such soothing voices. This song is about how you’ll do anything with the person you love and you love the rush of excitement. The lyric composition is amazing, the words in this are so simple and straight to the point. Usher and Yuna’s back and forth dialogue makes the song feel like you’re speaking to your friend. Yuna explained how classic they were as a couple by saying “Jet black Mercedes built in the 70’s, classic like you and me.” Iconic verse, but my favorite verse is; “But babe when I’m with you I heart it, my heart singing la la la la la la la la la” They both feel amazing with they’re together and don’t want it to change. When you listen to this song you can just think about how euphoric it feels to be with your significant other. I’d listen to this on a late-night drive with the love of my life to the end of the world. You’ll fo

Travis Scott & Kid Cudi - THE SCOTTS | Song Review

 The Scott's is not just a song it's a Magnum Opus. Two of the biggest rap forces coming together in the form of Travis Scott and Kid Cudi. Travis Scott has always stated Kid Cudi as one of his biggest influences, someone who inspired him to create music and that is quite evident on his early work. The song was released on the game 'Fortnite' as a special collab between the two. The production on this track is what drives it forward. The beat is atmospheric and sounds like a product tailor-made for Travis Scott. The beat drops hard and it also acts as a hook to the song unlike a traditional hook which seems like a refreshing change to me. Special mention needs to be given to the gorgeous synths at the end of the track; they transport you to a different dimension and keep you wanting for more. Wanting for more is where the problems of this track starts. The track is under 3 mins long with just one verse each from the two artists. That leaves you wanting for a l

Alina Baraz - It Was Divine | Album Review

Alina Baraz has released her new album ‘It Was Divine’. Baraz told Apple Music that she wanted to heal with this album and that is exactly what it feels like when you listen to it. You feel like you want to heal yourself and relax into reality. The melodies throughout the album is different but it’s consistent in softness. Each song connects differently with certain emotions and gives you a since of clarity. My top 3 songs are: My Whole Life Endlessly Morocco My whole life has a soft and angel feel to it, this song makes you feel weightless. Endlessly is self-explanatory, she sings about how in a relationship their all she wants for the rest of her life. The song Morocco gives off vacation vibe with your other half, this song has 6LACK as a feature. Alina has multiples features on ‘It was Divine’ and it worked out very well. Every feature made the song enjoyable in every way. She has 4 artist on this album; 6LACK, Smino, Khalid and Nas. This is 16 song album full of soul, love and hear

Cher Lloyd - Lost | Song Review

 Cher Lloyd is back with her new single titled ‘Lost’ - her first single of 2020. I have always been a fan of Cher Lloyd - she has such a unique voice, something we don’t hear often and she set the standards with her debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’ back in 2011. Is she gearing up for a new album or just dropping singles at the moment? I really hope she is putting together an album of some sort. It has been a while since she has released a full body of work. She returned to the music scene in 2018 with ‘None Of My Business’ and has been releasing music once a year since, as well as featuring on a few songs. When I saw Cher Lloyd had released a new song, it got me to listen to her old music again from very early on in her music career. There is a very clear progression within her music from her past music and her newest single, ‘Lost’. It is a lot more mature. Saying that I do love ‘Swagger Jagger’ - such an iconic song. Her vocals seem to have improved as well and it is nice to

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart | Song Review

 For this throwback Thursday I’m bringing back a classic 2009 track by Alicia Keys, ' Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart '. This song is for the broken-hearted and it displays Alicia's deep feelings. Her breathy and airy whispers make the song so unique. There is a build-up at the beginning and then the beat suddenly drops and it gets you ready to sing your heart out. The song is about her remembering all of the good times that her relationship had, but she’s going to find a way to be without him. The iconic verse of: “Have you tried sleeping with a broken heart? Well you can try sleeping in my bed.” Alicia was telling him that no matter how far he is, she’s always going to feel him around in everything she does. Everything she looks at reminds her of him and the pain she’s feeling. He made her feel amazing, but he ended up leaving her when he promised not to. Keys mentioned that she’s always going to be in love with him all the way to the end. She’s going to

Kygo (feat. Zak Abel) - Freedom | Song Review

 Freedom is something we all crave right now. The freedom to get out of our house, to hang out with our friends or just follow our daily routine. Kygo is making us feel alive and electric with his new album 'Golden Hour' and with 'Freedom' we can all see how it's shaping up to be.  I would like to give a special mention to the music video for this song. Originally supposed to be filmed in the Maldives but is now shot inside the homes of the two artists. It's raw and beautiful and deserves all the credit for being amazing. The song beings with Abel's soothing voice echoing over light piano keys and the signature Kygo sound. Kygo has mastered the art of chopping and mixing vocals with the drop and still making it sound unique whenever he does that. The song will give us the ray of sunshine that we all are looking for in the dark and gloomy days of the quarantine.  Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

21 Savage (feat. Summer Walker) - Secret | Song Review

  21 Savage released his new single ‘ Secret ’ featuring Summer Walker . This new drop is about love regardless of the title, they’re going back and forth on how things are between them. They don’t want to let their love go or show. Just because a relationship is a secret does not mean that there is no love. Somethings are better just left out of the public eye because people don’t know how to mind their business. Everyone loves to have a secret to keep for someone else, it shows trust. The lyrics in this single are so touching with the way they both acknowledge their feelings about having a secret relationship. He wants to take away her pain from everyday life, while she’s been around since day one and it’s going to stay that way. The verse by Summer Walker; “I never went too far, I always find my way back to you. Ain’t no way I could lose you.” The slowness and the breathy vocals make it so much more meaningful and intense. They would both be hurt If they were ever

Kelly Rowland - COFFEE | Song Review

  Kelly Rowland is back with a new single titled 'COFFEE' which is a vibey, soft, R&B song. When analyzing the lyrics, Kelly only has one thing on her mind throughout the song - coffee and sex in the morning. It is quite a sensual song really. I have been really loving Kelly 's music recently - her 2019 releases - ' Kelly ' and 'Crown' were outstanding songs. She seems to be going in a different direction with her music and 'COFFEE' fits perfectly. It is a calming song - I hear some small influences to Jamaican music but nothing too overpowering to distract you from the smooth R&B sounds. Her soft vocals throughout really set the mood and fit with the overall theme. It is a true summer song that makes you want to lay in the sun vibing whilst enjoying a nice cold drink. The music video is very aesthetically pleasing and fits with the whole vibe of the song. There isn't too much happening in the video which makes it so effe

Sorry Ghost - The Morning After | Album Review

I am listening to Sorry Ghost’s debut album ‘The Morning After’ I have never listened to this band before, but their stuff is definitely my style. This is a very strong and well-recorded debut album. I really enjoyed listening to this. It reminds me of the early 2000’s pop-punk era where some classic songs were released. There isn’t a single song I found uninteresting. One of my favourites from the album is  ‘Condescending’. It has a really catchy chorus and I found it playing in my head throughout the day. The style of the song seems to be a mixture of Sum 41 and the older Fall Out Boy songs, which will appeal to people who listened to their songs. The vocals are a perfect match for the style of music the band has set for themselves. Other songs on the album including nosedive and best intentions have really catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. I could imagine this album to be played on drives during the summer, as it's upbeat and has energetic vibes whilst being a

Oh, Right - Hang in There | Song Review

 Oh, Right has released a new single titled ' Hang in There ' which is a little different from his previous releases. This song leads with more pop influences rather than the punk sound we have heard before. This was the first song I heard from Oh, Right and then I listened to his previous work and I have to say, I personally think his voice fits better with the pop sounds. The production of this song is very well put together, it really compliments his voice and I find the song quite catchy. I couldn't help but notice the lyrics when listening to this song. It seems such a personal song talking about not liking your self and as the title suggests, try to hang in there, things will get better. It is very well written, I really enjoy this song. 'Cos I hate my face, I hate my body, anything I do, I say I'm sorry, I know, I know I'm trying to love myself but can't find nothing' Lyrics from Oh, Right - Hang in There Oh, Right is quite new

Twenty One Pilots - Level of Concern | Song Review

 Twenty One Pilots have released a new single titled ' Level of Concern ' which was written about the current global pandemic of COVID-19. ' Level of Concern ' is a simple but hopeful song about band member Tyler’s thoughts concerning the effects the coronavirus made on society and the music industry. I have always said music is like a diary. Artists write down their feelings and express their true emotions through the art of music. Twenty One Pilots have certainly done that with this song. Everyone has a certain level of concern about the current situation - no one has seen anything like this before. I find this song very soothing and quite calming. Even when the instruments become more prominent during the chorus, it is still a mellow song. Also, a portion of the single’s proceeds was donated to Crew Nation who helps individuals who work in the live performance industry who were laid off during the pandemic. Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Charli XCX - forever | Song Review

 Charli XCX has released a new single titled ' forever ' which is the lead single to her upcoming quarantine album ' how i'm feeling now ' which is set to be released in May. The song is a pop and synth-pop song that features darkwave and electronic influences. If I am being honest, I am not a huge fan of the dark waves or electronic influences. When I first played the song, I was shocked as I wasn't expecting the electric, dark waves to start the song with (which could also be seen as a good thing) . One thing I really like about Charli XCX is how creative she is and it really shows in her music. She creates music that is usually not seen as the ' norm ' but that is what makes different from everyone else. ' forever ' is a love ballad directed towards her current boyfriend. The lyrics show how she wants to be in his life forever, even if they eventually drift apart. The song also addresses the difficulties of the two’s long-dista

Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 3 | Album Review

  ‘ The New Toronto 3 ’ is Tory Lanez ’s new album and it’s all heat and beats. His 2019 release was ‘ Chixtape 5 ’ and the vibe of the album was so soft, as for his 2020 release, the vibe is hard and booming. This album has a total of 16 storytelling songs. Even though these songs are storytellers they are complete head boppers, this album makes you listen and dance at the same time. If I had to pick my top three from ‘ The New Toronto 3 ’ album is:  1)  Stupid Again  2)  10 F*CKS 3)  Do The Most ‘ Stupid Again ‘ and ‘ 10 F*CKS ’ are lyrically connected by the last verse and first verse. ‘ Do The Most ’ has a beat that runs through the body and will just make you want to dance and rap. These 3 songs were very catching because of their beats. Tory Lanez  was not the only artist on this album, he had a couple of features to bring the sound together.  Tory Lanez  had 2 features; Mansa  on ’ 10 F*CKS ’ and Lil Tjay on ‘ Accidents Happen ’.  Lil Tjay is a newer a

Darla Jade - Frenemy | Song Review

  Darla Jade is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based in Stoke-On-Trent, England. She is known for her catchy yet soothing tunes. She has recently released her newest single titled ' Frenemy ' which was inspired by teenage friendships and the pain of growing apart. The song contains a mixtures of emotions - some parts being soft and other being punchy and quite high energy. Especially when it comes to the chorus, you really want to get up and dance. You hear songs about relationship breakups but it is very rare you hear songs about friendships or friendship breakups. Sometimes they can be as painful as relationship breakups. You put all that trust in one person and when you reflect and release you are drifting away, it can really hurt. It isn't always mutual, depending on the situation, it could feel like the other half in the friendship is breaking away and becoming distant. 'Cos you are just a frenemy, but you can't be a friend to me, you forget

Troye Sivan - Take Yourself Home | Song Review

 Troye Sivan has kicked started his new era with the single 'Take Yourself Home'. It seems to follow the same, slow and calm gloom-pop theme that his last album 'Bloom' did. However, the song shocked me near the end... It has some hardcore beats; the beats you would hear in a nightclub. Maybe he is giving us a true teaser of what his new album will consist of? In his newsletter, Troye spoke about the song: "It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. The song is kind of a pep talk with yourself and the place you’re from. Grappling with your place in the world. I write these songs as a diary entry, then as life and places change and relationships change, songs can take on a new meaning entirely. Clearly, that has happened for this song with what is going on in the world now" I really like this song, it is really relaxing (apart from the last 40 seconds). Troye has a way with music that captures his listeners through his lyrics. Having a

Black Atlass - Dream Awake | Album Review

 Black Atlass has released the album Dream Awake and it is pure soul. The precision in every lyric and beat is so smooth and well thought out, not a single song was made without purpose. The emotional roller coaster on Dream Awake is so beautiful and worth the confusion of feelings. Dream Awake has a total of 12 songs with the entire album, it may not seem like a lot but all the songs pack a powerful punch. If I had to pick my top 3 favorite songs it would have to be; Never Enough Show Me Lie To Me ‘Never Enough’ gives you this vibe of neediness from your significant other like he can’t live without her. Getting into ‘Show Me’ the beat goes straight through the chest and the song is self explanatory. Lastly ‘Lie To Me’ is not that she lied, but he wants her to lie so he doesn’t have to feel the pain. The smoothness of his voice throughout the album brings chills to the body in every song. The simple complexity of Dream Awake is what makes this album so amazing. In less

Jake Quickenden - Quarantine Song | Song Review

 Singer / Songwriter, Jake Quickenden, has released a new single titled 'Quarantine Song' all about the current COVID-19 pandemic. All proceeds generated from this single are being donated to the NHS who are working all hours of the day trying to treat all patients who have been diagnosed with the dreadful disease. When I saw Jake was releasing this song, it made me appreciate Jake even more than I did before. During this pandemic, you can really see which celebrities want to use their platforms for the good and Jake is one of them. The production of this song is so simple but packs a punch. The piano in the background really sets the tone. Even though the situation Jake is singing about is very serious, the comedic lyrics within the song puts some light into a dark situation. The vocals throughout are great, like always. Everyone needs to buy this song, all proceeds go to the NHS. Do your bit to support them during this pandemic. Click HERE . Overall Rati