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Sam Sky (ft. Bill Noir) - Sick & Tired | Song Review

I am a huge fan of Sam Sky and have been for ages now.  He is one of the most hard-working independent artists I have personally witnessed.  He has released a new single titled 'Sick & Tired' featuring Bill Noir's beats. This is one of many hits Samy Sky will be releasing in 2021.

'Sick & Tired' is all about people who take advantage of others.  In an Instagram post, Sam Sky stated "I've been doing this for a long time, and with that I got over the brunt of my insecure ego and lame as fuck pride a lonnggggggg time ago and have been humbled greatly in the process. These days I make a point to be available and supportive, and do my best to be genuine and sincere. Inevitably mf's take advantage of that or experience some mediocre minimal, shallow success, think they're hot shit, and get toooooo fucking cool. "Sick & Tired" is a song for those people specially - I may be accessible, genuine, and do my best to be kind and supportive, but sometimes you gotta remind the self important people out there..."

As always, Sam has exceptional vocals throughout the song and I feel it is always good to confront your feelings and putting them in a song is always the best way to let out frustration.  The melody is catchy - the whole song is a huge hit in my eyes.

Sam is really bringing the fire to 2021 and I am so excited to hear the rest of his releases.  

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