Voix - Breathless | Song Review

Voix is the artist alias of songwriting & production team, Andi Anderson and Mike Smith. Their undeniably melodic characteristic boasts elements of commercial pop and a distinctively alternative signature edge.

They have released singles, ‘Devotion’, ‘Lost’, ‘Pull You Down’ and ‘Hard to Find’ since March 2020, as well as the popular remixes of ‘Work Me’ by Pop/R&B outfit, Badmind, ‘Leave the Car’ by folk/singer-songwriter, The Attic Movement and ‘Standing Tall’ by Eric Ananda.

Voix has independently racked up more than 300,000 Spotify streams in 91 Countries, currently featuring on over 600 curated playlists.

The UK based duo have released their new single titled 'Breathless'.  The song starts off with a soft, calming instrumental with a prominent acoustic guitar, a very calming start. The song then slowly progresses and builds to a climactic chorus.  I would say this is a true, classic summer tune.  I can't wait for warm weather so I can play this song on the highest volume.  I would also say this a great song to drive too.

If I am being honest, I can be quite picky with my driving song choices.  It can't be too distracting, but it can't be too boring - especially when I am driving to work in a morning.  'Breathless' by Voix is the perfect song.  Imagine this song playing in your car, nice warm weather with the sun beaming down, car windows rolled down, wind blowing - perfection.  Something you would see in a movie, or the perfect music video for the song?

Great vocals throughout and the lyrics tell a true story that everyone can relate too.  A story about memories, love and loss. 

Whilst talking about the track, Andi from Voix said “The song was written 5 days after seeing Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ tour show in Glasgow on June 14th 2019. Just for fun, I felt compelled to write a REALLY pop-heavy song, which could be for a boyband… ‘Breathless’ was one of the songs that came from that experiment. The original demo isn’t dissimilar from the release version, all of the key elements including the vocal chop were in there from the start. We tried a few different style variations for the track, but we ended up somewhere near where we started.”

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