Mouta - Keep Loving Me | Song Review

Mouta released a new single in December 2020 titled 'Keep Loving Me' which is a chill track with trap beats and the soft but vibrant lyrics throughout.

Mouta is the artist name for his projects.  His real name is Vitor and he is producer, songwriter and beatmaker from Portugal.

The small number of lyrics within the song is repetitive, not much of a story is being painted for me. However, I believe this makes the song unique and quite mysterious.  After I had listened to the song for a few times, I was singing the lyrics.  Songs don't always have to have a long story behind them.  Having little to no lyrics always feels like a mystery to me - you just want to know more.  The title of this track is pretty self-explanatory but I still want to know more, I am really intrigued.  It is quite a catchy beat but such a chilling instrumental.

He has a real talent for putting beats together.  Once I had listened to this song, I went back to his previous singles to see how they compare and from my findings, Mouta is a very talented artist/beatmaker.  I am certainly going to be listening to more songs as they come out. This has got to be my favourite song from his collection so far.  I am really looking forward to more releases in the future.

'Keep Loving Me' isn't the high energy trap you hear most of the time. It is a lot slower and a song you can chill too and most of the time, that is what I prefer rather than the high energy (sometimes a little aggressive) beats you usually see in these types of songs.

Great job Mouta - I am looking forward to future releases!

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