Fanta - Problems | Song Review

Fanta has a list of songs she has released and her newest one is titled 'Problems'.  Released in October 2020, it is all about not worrying about your problems, taking a moment to breathe and clear your mind. Doing things you love and not to worry about the things that are always there.

Fanta revealed that the funky song was inspired by the current COVID pandemic and lockdowns that have been taking place.  Fanta wants to bring a brighten perspective of life during a dark period.

When listening to the song, it definitely makes me feel light and happy and I love the funk but futuristic sound.  It really suits Fanta's vibes.

Fanta has experimented with different music genres and has confirmed she is still trying to find her sound, however, this funk sound within 'Problems' really suits her aesthetic and voice.  Her voice is really soulful, I really love it. I really like the music video for the single too.  It really fits with the song and I love the vintage TV grain effects throughout.  Thumbs up from me!

I am very excited to hear future releases from Fanta.  She has such a unique voice but also has such a vibe on all songs released so far.  

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