Drod - New Approach | Song Review

Drod has released his first single of 2021 titled 'New Approach'.  Drod is such a talented artist.  I always 
love the songs he releases. 

'New Approach' is a short 1 minute 37-second song which is a true vibe.  It speaks from the heart and from my interpretation, the song speaks about the hard work that is put into making music.  There is some kind of battle going on where there is so much effort being put into making music and numbers are growing but they are trying to make their friends, family and supporters proud. The stress of making it possible is getting on top of them and they are going in the new year relaxing more and taking a new approach to music and the lifestyle.

In my opinion, the song is very hard-hitting and I am sure every artist can relate to this song; especially with how the music industry has been affected by the current pandemic.

"Hopefully the money will translate, I know it's not the leading motive but it's a great way, to show my own family and supporters that it is possible to grow up make a living out a dream that's been inside you as a kid"

One of the main things I love about music is people can relate to a song differently and make different interpretations.  One say can have a thousand meanings.

Drod is always an artist I keep an eye on because he has so much potential and I can see him being very big one day.  This is his first release of 2021 and I am very excited to hear his future releases!

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