Bazzi - Paradise | Song Review

 Bazzi has released his new single 'Paradise' on all platforms and I am a huge fan of the song.

I want to get this first bit out of the way.... I LOVE THE VOICE CRACKS THAT ARE PRESENT THROUGHOUT THE SONG!!! Voice cracks does something to some people and I personally love them, if they're done 'right'.

Bazzi is such a talented artist and his voice is so smooth. I love the production of this song also, everything is so smooth and polished. Bazzi's artistic take to music is so good - amazing in-fact.

When asked about the track, Bazzi said in a statement to MTV:

'It’s not about a location or vacation, it’s about portraying the feeling of ‘Paradise’ that can truly exist anywhere. For me, I always think so vividly of my Friday nights when I was in high school. I feel nostalgia and mystery around them and I really wanted to capture those feelings in this record. When people listen, I want to take them back to those times and give them that mood and feeling.'

Overall Rating:



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