Trevi Moran - On My Own | Song Review

 Internet sensation, Trevi Moran, has released her new single 'On My Own'.

To start this review off, I am not sure this song is my favourite Trevi has released. I love the fact that she has experimented with her vocal range and voice in this song but I don't really think it works. Nothing against her as an artist, I do think she is a very talented artist but this song isn't the best.

The production of this song however is really fun and the beat is catchy. I have mixed feelings, I do like this song but I also don't - I am not sure how to explain it. No matter what Trevi releases, her songs are always really catchy and fun.

The visuals of the music video are really good and compliments the song. I love the quality and way the video has been filmed and edited.

Overall Review:



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