Pixie Lott - Sunflower | Song Review

  Pixie Lott has been away from music for a little while but she has finally released some music. She has released a cover of Post Malone's song 'Sunflower'.

Pixie Lott was known for giving us cheesy, pop dance tunes and this this was my first time hearing her voice stripped back. Just a piano and her voice, amazing. This song is also a completely different take to Post Malone's original version. I always like hearing different versions of the same song. The difference in songs can either enhance the meaning and story more or create a completely different meaning.

As I have mentioned, this is my first time listening to Pixie's voice stripped back without any crazy production. I like it - her voice is peaceful and beautiful. I do kind of miss her pop anthems that were bangers, lets be honest.

I hope this means Pixie is back, creating music, more bops - PLEASE!

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