Push Baby - Mama's House | Song Review

 Push Baby (Formerly known as Rixton) has re-branded and released their debut single under the new name titled 'Mama's House'.

Jake Roche (the lead vocalist in the group) announced on Twitter about the name change of the group from Rixton to Push Baby and the reason behind it. He admitted the group got dropped from their record label, he was open and honest and I respect him for that!

Rixton was on a decline and got dropped by their record label - I think it is very smart and grown up to re-brand and bring something new. I have to admit, the image Rixton had (from my own perspective) was a generic boy band, nothing too special about them so it is nice to see them change their direction.

Push Baby seems completely different, unique and something we never saw in Rixton. This makes me question whether the group was releasing the music they wanted to release or was they controlled by their former record label?

'Mama's House' is so unique and is more Alternative Rock/Indie infused than their previous sound. I think it also seems more current and gits with the music that is being released. The new sound reminds me of Macklemore or something Twenty One Pilots would release - I really like it.

The production is so fun and it really is a good debut for the new, re-branded, band. This 'edgier' look and sound really should stay, it really suits their vocals and instruments. I just really like it. I can see Push Baby being a huge success worldwide and I am excited to see what music they release next.

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