Dinah Jane - Heard It All Before | Song Review

 Following from 'Bottled Up' - her debut single as a solo artist, Dinah Jane has released 3 new songs in a mini EP called 'Dinah Jane 1'. However, I don't think it is an official EP. The songs include 'Heard It All Before', 'Pass Me By' and 'Fix It'. I have decided to review 'Heard It All Before' as it is my favourite song from the mini EP.

The song seems to go a different direction than her debut single, 'Heard It All Before' seems to be more 90's/early 2000's Pop/RnB. It kind of reminds me of a Spice Girls song. It is a really catchy, fun song with a few really sassy moments. I really think this song could be a big hit with the right promotion.

I think this song out of the 3 really shows off her vocals and she sounds like she has really improved. I really like this song. What I also love about this song is that it doesn't sound like it should have a feature - it feels complete. I really love the ending as well - 'you little bitch' - YES DINAH!

Overall Rating:



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