BTS (ft. Halsey) - Boy With Luv | Song Review

 One of the biggest K-Pop groups, BTS, has teamed up with Halsey on the new single 'Boy With Luv'.

I am going to get the moaning out of the way... I am a little disappointed... I thought there would be more Halsey in the song than there actually was. The only memorable line of Halsey's that I remember is 'Oh My My My' which... Isn't great. I guess I am being a big dramatic - Halsey does have a very small part in the song but I expected more, she is so talented and I feel like her talent has been wasted.

Apart from the negatives, 'Boy With Luv' is such a fun, dance-able song. I actually quite like it. I haven't listening to much BTS before but I really do like this song. The music video for the song is also really good but again, I wish it has more Halsey in it.

Another K-Pop act mixing English and Korean into their songs - I really like the mix.

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