Miquela - Right Back | Song Review

  Miquela became a viral sensation after loads of conspiracy theories. Is she a robot? A human? No one really knows. Anyway, she is now releasing music and she has recently released her new single 'Right Back'. 

I have to say, I love Miquela's music! It is so musically brilliant - her artistic take is so impressive for a 'robot'. The hook is certainly the chorus, the repetitive lyrics make this song really catchy and  something you remember. I can remember I first listened to this song one morning and all day at work, I couldn't stop singing it.

She seems to have a certain unique style to her music which makes her stand out. No matter what Miquela is or identifies as, you cannot say she isn't talented. I don't see her music is the charts too much but she needs to be heard more!

'Right Back' seems to be about an argument during a relationship and one half of the couple is pleading to be forgiven or wants to take it right back to where it was good. On the other hand, it could be post-break up; wanting their lover right back where everything was good and their relationship was at its peak.
I love this song, the melody, the production, the lyrics and the artistic ability throughout is outstanding. It is so catchy and it is a song I will remember.
Overall rating:



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