Skyfever - Kings | Song Review

 Skyfever are a rock band from Ireland who are breaking through in a big way, with their music being selected for play in a number of famous sports stadiums. The band consists of Luke Lang (Vocals), Brian Clarke (Guitar/Sounds), Tyson Harding (Guitar), Ciaran O’Brien (Bass) and Karl Hand (Drums). Following from their 'Rear View Mirror' EP, they have released their new single titled 'Kings'.

I really like this song. I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of rock music but I know talent when I hear it. This group are so talented and really underrated. The high energy of bass and guitar in the background really makes this song come alive. And you can't forget the amazing vocals from Luke Lang in the group.

This song is very well done. The intense instruments aren't too in your face. Everything is done very well. The perfect mixture of instruments and vocals. I am really impressed.

As I have mentioned, I am not a massive fan of rock music but this has really impressed me - I really like it!

I got the chance to do a little Q&A session with Skyfever all about their song 'Kings':

What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Kings’?

Kings was literally written imagining if U2, Muse, Royal Blood and Chris Cornell got together and after an epic night out wrote a song. The triumphant feeling of doing what you love and living and loving life. Throw in a Game of Thrones binge watch too!

What was the recording / writing process like for this song?

A version of the verse music was knocking around for a while but it needed a chorus that took it to another place. Then a weekend came where we just went very deep on the song and after delving and hunting it all came in one go. Once the music came, melody and vocals followed. I went to see Muse live and after that I pretty much made up my mind how the song should sound. We went to James Darkin our producer and he got it spot on, he is the master of the cutting edge. The recording process was beautiful and smooth!

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

Direct, unapologetic with zero fear. People will hear various influences from U2, Oasis, Royal Blood, Muse and Pearl Jam, however what drives the music is key. The music comes from guys who are not afraid to be themselves and write songs that go for throat. We want people to feel how we feel when we play them, utterly invincible. Great music grabs your heart and soul and that is what we aim to do...we may give them back to you if ask nicely :)

Where do you get your inspiration from for your songs?

Inspiration comes from anywhere, we are literally like sponges. Lately, a good approach is to meditate on a song, vision it and then bring it to the life.  The potency of the idea is as important as the idea itself.

How long was the process to complete the whole ‘Rear View Mirror’ EP?

It took around 4 around months in total from writing, sharpening to recording. We wanted to attack from various angles so most of the time was spent selecting the right song. Get Out is the stadium anthem, Signs is the hyponotic guitar riff beauty, Sunny Days is the hazey acoustic track and Kings gives the glimpse of the next phase for our band.

What have you got planned next? Any gigs, new music, other secret projects etc?

Speaking of which, we are full throttle on influencing 'the now', which is getting 'Kings' to as many fans of guitar music as possible. Kings does hint at the next phase of the band and we are currently in the studio choosing which is next . We feel like we are on a Rambo 4 mission to make people see that the plastic 'hook for hooks sake' stuff they are being fed is going to mean as much to them as the cup of the coffee they had 2 days ago. No wonder, people are more prepared to pay money for coffee than for music at the moment! Let's change that trend :)



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