Rak-Su - Yours Or Mine | Song Review

  Even though Rak-Su released their EP around a month ago, they're treating us with some more new music. Their new single 'Yours Or Mine' is out now! Does this mean we are going to keep getting new Rak-Su music  throughout the year? I hope so!!!

I think this is my favourite Rak-Su song. The song starts off with a dark, mysterious melody and then Myles starts off with his verse with a very pop, dance production. Rak-Su always release bangers and their songwriting capability is so good. I can never stop dancing when listening to a Rak-Su song!

'Yours Or Mine' is about the early stages of a relationship. Speaking about the track, Rak-Su said "We asked each other what conversations do you have in the early stages of a relationship that you could turn into a song? And one of us said “yours or mine?” I think they were joking but the rest of us thought actually, when you do like someone and you’re having a fun night together, it’s a question that comes up! When you start weighing up the options, distance, who lives alone etc…it can be a really funny one!"

I am excited to hear more music from Rak-Su. I hope they get the recognition they need and deserve. I really like 'Yours Or Mine' and their EP 'Rome'. They are just great musicians.

Overall Rating:



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