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 LuvAbstract began his music journey writing and rapping with artists in his home town. After 5 years, he decided he wanted to experiment with fusing both alternative and pop music together to form a new sound. This sound really works for LubAbstract, I love the combination. With his fan-base slowly growing, he continues to release music that is so brilliantly done. His artistic take on music is very impressive.

LuvAbstract released his single 'Matrix' in January 2019 and I really love it. The beat of the song is insane and it fits the title - which is a weird thing to point out. The lyrics are really catchy throughout the song. This pop, electronic, and RnB infused track is on repeat.

It really frustrates me when people don't give artists enough recognition and LuvAbstract is one of the artists. He is so talented and his music should be charting high. I am very impressed and I am excited about future releases from him!

I got the chance to do a little Q&A session with LuvAbstract about his single 'Matrix':

TE - What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Matrix’?

LA - Matrix was inspired by Los Angeles. I absolutely love that city, but there is a huge vibe of fakeness in that town.

TE - How does coming up with a song like ‘Matrix’ start?

LA - Pretty much all my songs are from experience. This song started from the first time I went to LA to work. I saw so much of this unsustainable lifestyle of leisure and luxury when I went to LA.

TE - What was the writing/recording process for this song like?

LA - I hate to do this to you, but I really can't explain my artistic process. I get inspired and write virtually anywhere. I could be driving down the road and have to pull over to write lyrics that come to me.

TE - Who would be your dream collaboration?

LA - I'd love to write for Lauv.

TE - What has been the stand out moment in your music career so far?

LA - As you probably know or expect, artists pay their dues of playing in empty bars before they start getting traction. Since last year, I've finally got over that hump. And now people are coming to my shows, singing along to my songs, and venues are paying me. So I guess the continued progress is an amazing moment.

TE - What are you hoping to achieve in the next 5 years?

LA - I want to become a writer. I absolutely would love to write hits for other artists, as well as write music for TV shows and movies.



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