Why Don't We & Macklemore - I Don't Belong In This Club | Song Review

 Why Don't We have teamed up with Macklemore on the new single 'I Don't Belong In This Club'.

It might just be me missing releases but I haven't heard from Macklemore in a while. It is nice to see him on a tune.

Why Don't We have got to be my favourite boy band at the moment. Each member is so talented and have such distinctive voices. And the sound of their music. 'I Don't Belong In This Club' is another song to add to the list of bangers. I love Macklemore within the song too. The lyrics are catchy and so is the beat.

The group always manage to create a upbeat, catchy song. Their art is truly break-taking. I certainly think the band needs more recognition. I am excited for future releases. So far this year, Why Don't We have released a new song each month - is it going to be a pattern for the full year?

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