Marshmello (ft. CHVRCHES) - Here With Me | Song Review

 Marshmello is known for creating smash hits and fun, lively, upbeat songs so before I even listened to his new single, I was excited. He has teamed up with CHVRCHES on his new track 'Here With Me'.

Straight away, as the song starts, CHVRCHES' member, Lauren Mayberry, starts singing - she is very talented, I have got to say. Of course, a Marshmello song is a club banger. This sound would give insane vibes during a festival.

This collaboration really works. Marshmello's production with the help of Iain Cook and Martin Doherty from CHVRCHES' acoustic feel really blend together nicely. The vocals of Lauren Mayberry are insane. I can tell she would be really good to live!

The lyrics to the song suggests that the song is about a romantic affair. The singer goes on about having her lover and best friend with her every day and all the time. She is falling in love with her lover because he is 'saying the words that I want to say'.

A very enjoyable song!

Overall Rating:



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