Lizzo (ft. Missy Elliott) - Tempo | Song Review

 Lizzo has teamed up with Missy Elliott on her new single 'Tempo'.

I love Missy Elliott and Lizzo is my new favourite artist so I really love this collaboration. 'Tempo'  has a different sound that what we have heard from Lizzo so far but I LOVE IT! You can definitely hear the Missy Elliott inspiration in the song.

It is such a fun, upbeat song and I am so excited for Lizzo's album. The song is about body acceptance and how Lizzo needs a heavy beat to dance since slow songs are not enough for all that she has to offer.

I think it was brave for Lizzo to release 'Tempo' as you can clearly hear that it is different from her previous singles. However, I think this is the direction she should go with her music. Or a bit of a mixture of vocals and rapping would be good also. Is there anything Lizzo can't do?

Missy Elliot adds a lot to this song. The production seems to be very much like the music we are used to hearing for her but I like that she is spreading her infectious sound that everyone loves.

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