Tayla Parx - I Want You | Song Review


Tayla Parx has released her new single, 'I Want You', before the release of her new album 'We Need To Talk'. She has revealed that 'I Want You' is an introduction of what we can expect from the album.

At the start of the song, it sounds like there is an element of Kawaii sounds in it as well as something from outer-space - I am not sure how to explain it but I really like the sound Tayla is feeding us. This isn't a song you would usually hear on the radio and I really like it for that. It is quirky and vert artistic. It has an artistic edge to the songs that you hear constantly on the radio - songs like this should be played on the radio.

Tayla has revealed that she wrote this song about her indecisiveness which you can clearly hear in the lyrics - '2 is a just company, 3 is a crowd'. She is struggling to decide on who might be the perfect match for her. In some contexts, it can be related to discovering someone's sexuality - from what we can see from the single cover. Everyone can take the song however they like. People can take any song and mould it to their own experiences - one of the main things I like about music.

She is such a talented singer-songwriter who needs to be heard more. She has helped with the writing stages of such big singles and artists but it is her time to shine with her own music.

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