John Newman - Feelings | Song Review

 John Newman is back after taking a break from releasing music with his new single titled 'Feelings'.

This is such a lively, dance-able song to come back with. I absolutely love it. I don't know what I was expecting before I listened to the track - I kind of expected a slow, ballad kind-of-song but I was wrong and I was also shocked (in a good way).

It is a club banger! I can certainly see myself dancing to this song while drinking an alcoholic beverage. One thing I also love about this song is that John is making a sad song into a lively, happy song. When listening to the lyrics, it seems like the production doesn't reflect the feelings perfectly. But taking something sad and making it into a lively song shows power in my opinion. I really like it.

I have always known John for serving really good vocals throughout his songs and 'Feelings' is another example of that. Really good beat, really good vocals. Overall, a smash hit song that deserves high success.

Overall Rating:



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