Becky G - Green Light Go | Song Review

 Becky G has really become a worldwide sensation within the last couple of years and her music has improve so much. She has not released her new single 'Green Light Go' and I am a huge fan of the song.

She is truly so talented, I think within the last couple of years she has really found herself as a artist. She is also quite explicit now which isn't sortieing we heard much of before.

'Green Light Go' is very much RnB infused with elements of Becky G's usual exotic sound that she has become best known for. I think Becky G has found her sound, the perfect sound for her vibe and voice. I truly believe the evolution of Becky G's music is one of the best.

Becky G has revealed that 'Green Light Go' represents not taking no for an answer, making her own path and giving herself her own green lights to go and doing what she wants or what she believes is right.

Surprisingly, Becky G is still working on her debut album - she is rumoured to be releasing 2 of the same album, one in English and one in Spanish but I don't think I have ever heard an artist do. I really like that idea and I am certainly looking forward to a full album from Becky G.

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