Louis Tomlinson - Two Of Us | Song Review

 Louis Tomlinson has finally released his new song, 'Two Of Us' and his fans are going crazy.

After a long break from music, 'Two Of Us' is a perfect song to come back with. The song starts off slow, with Louis giving us vocals but slowly builds up for the chorus. It isn't an overall upbeat song which we are used to hearing from Louis but I like the variety. I can't lie, I did use to think he was the weakest vocalist during his time with One Direction but I have since realised that he has a unique voice. While in a group, it is hard to release songs that each member likes. Post Once Direction, each member has been releasing music they like and which fits their voices the best and that is when we can see their true talent.

The lyrics of 'Two of Us' see Louis opening up on the sadness that took control of his life following the death of his mother in 2016. He is singing about her, making sure she is proud of him - which I am sure she is. A powerful meaning to the song, which shows a vulnerable side of Louis which we need to see. I am very proud of him - I have never been a huge fan, even when he was part of One Direction but I am very proud of Louis for releasing this song and I am excited about his future releases.

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