AshleyBGA (ft. Chud) - Pink Coats | Song Review


AshleyBGA has teamed up with Chud on her track, 'Pink Coats'. She is a college student who happens to rap - says her Spotify bio.

'Pink Coats' is a catchy, fun rap song with a cool beat. The song starts with Chud rapping in a husky manner then moves over to AshleyBGA to spit her verse. This song is written well and the production is good too. I think the mixture of male and female rapping really sets this song off.

The beat is very catchy, I can't help tapping my feet to the beat. I can't get over how well this song is written. I personally think rappers need more recognition for their music, the lyrics that they write are so good.

One lyric I can't help saying at the same time at AshleyBGA is when she says her name - it seems so sassy but it is always good to make sure people know who is rapping and whose song it is. Such a fun, catchy song.

I can see both AshleyBGA and Chud having a very successful career. I am really going to be looking out for them.

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