Zara Larsson - Don't Worry Bout Me | Song Review

 Zara Larsson has released her new single called 'Don't Worry Bout Me' for her upcoming second studio album.

Zara Larsson has such a vibe on her songs and 'Don't Worry Bout Me' is an amazing mix of Electric and Pop. I love it! It is also such a club banger as well, i can really see myself bopping to this song while having a Sambuca shot.

The song is all about telling your ex to get out your mentions, stop worrying about me - worry about yourself because I don't give a f*ck. Such a blunt meaning but I love it.

Zara has revealed that her label don't like this song and she is pretty upset about it. I guess, this song doesn't really follow the same sound that she is known for - but it also kind of does as well. Changing things up is good sometimes - experimenting with music is VERY important. I am just confused how her label doesn't like the song...?

I mean, I technically can, but it’s sad to not have the label excited for songs I like
— Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) February 12, 2019

The song follows the story of 'Ruin My Life', her lead single for this new era. I love 'Ruin My Life' and I am very excited to see what is to come for her next album.

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