Tana Mongeau - F**k Up | Song Review

Well, well, well… Tana Mongeau is back with a different sound and vibe.

Tana is best known for her storytime videos on YouTube and a lot of controversies. However, on Friday 31st August 2018, Tana released her new single ‘F**k Up’ which is a completely different sound from her other songs ‘Hefner’ and ‘W’. Her new single shows her vocal ability better with deep lyrics and is very much stripped back and acoustic.

The song could possibly be about the scandal surrounding ‘TanaCon’ which this song was rumoured to be written and recorded after but whatever the inspiration for the song was, it is still a good song.

Within the song, Tana sings about ‘voices in her head won’t shut the f**ck up’ and ‘cause I’m a f**k up, and I’m so fucked up’ which you can tell she has poured her heart and soul into this song. It is so personal and very different from what she has released before – and I think that is why fans love it so much.

Tana's song has also been put under Bella Thorne’s record label, ‘Filthy Fangs’ which is really exciting and Tana said ‘I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without Bella’.

I think Tana has potential within the music career with her authentic vocals and honest lyrics - but some singing lessons to make her voice stand out wouldn't hurt.

Overall, the song is really good and really different for Tana. I am excited about this new direction of music and it seems like Tana is taking her music career more seriously. Everyone loved the fun, catchy songs Tana released before but everyone is more excited for the more serious take on the music industry with deep and meaningful lyrics.

Overall Rating:


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