Emma Blackery - Villains | Album Review

YouTube sensation, Emma Blackery has finally released her debut album 'Villains' after releasing several EPs - Distance in 2013 (which reached Number 1 in the iTunes Rock Chart), Perfect in 2014, Sucks To Be You in 2016 and finally Magnetised in 2017.

The 11 track electro-pop album, which was produced by Toby Scott (who has also produced songs for Little Mix, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays), debuted at Number 18 on the UK Official iTunes Charts. The album was inspired by reflection following personal events which occurred last summer.

If I am honest, at first, I wasn't a massive fan of the album. I liked it, I really liked some of the songs but after listening to the album closely a few times, I love it! The album has some really deep meanings and I am really impressed with Emma's work.

The album opens with 'Villains PT. 1', which is where Emma is calling out her 'villains' for the pain she went through the summer before. This song is a song I could hear during a film or film trailer - maybe a Marvel film or a Hunger Games-like film? This song is one of my favourites from the album with great lyrics such as 'I am designed to destroy' and 'I became obsessed with the idea of revenge'.

The lead single for the album 'Dirt' is a sassy, fun song to listen to - and relatable. With catchy lyrics such as 'I got dirt on you', 'then you came on Twitter, saying i'm bitter' and 'honey have you looked in the mirror'. Again, a really good produced song from Toby Scott and it was a good choice to be the lead single for this new era. I also think using 'trendy' words within the song helps people relate more - lyrics such as 'receipts', 'dirt' and 'tea'. A super catchy and relatable song which debuted at Number 22 on the UK Official iTunes Charts. 

'Agenda' was the second single from the album. Again, another sassy song from Miss Blackery. Personally, it is my least favourite song from the album but maybe it is a song you grow to love? Not all songs from an album are going to be your favourite and I can see and hear how much work Emma has put in to the lyrics and the production of the song, alongside Toby Scott. Emma told Metro 'it's about loving yourself/being yourself and being confident... and knowing that can sometimes piss people off'.
The electronic Instrumental song 'Fake Friends' is all about calling someone out on the things they have done to her. But she does also claims that she isn't innocent herself so she states 'let's not come clean'. I really love how honest Emma is with her music - and it seems like she is straight to the point with her lyrics. She knows what she wants to say so she says it. In some cases, it is also fun to try and figure out who the songs are about; even though Emma stated in the interview with Metro that she will never reveal who the songs are about as she added 'calling people out by name is too low'.
'Icarus' - the third single from the album or a promotional single for the album. It takes a bit of a slow break from the previous songs on the album. It also shows off Emma's vocal abilities better. I can't praise Emma enough for her lyrics, you can hear how genuine and the amount of hard work she has put into them. Again, one of my favourites from the album singing about not retaliating to her peers.

Her latest single from the album (as I am writing this) is 'Take Me Out'. Another one of my favourites from the album. It is so catchy and it is a song you can dance to when no one is looking. The song deals with paranoia with Emma wondering who will be the next person to hurt her. Emma has over 1.5 Million Subscribers on her YouTube channel and with that, it is more difficult for Emma to truly know someone's intentions when they enter her life. With a catchy and sing-able chorus, this song is one of the standout songs from the album.

'Petty' is a song about the breakup Emma went through with her first love. With the stripped back the acoustic start of the song really sets it off. This song is lyrically brilliant and really shows off her writing talent with lyrics such as 'cause you used to call me pretty 'til you took out the R' and 'I said, baby, you're welcome, for the press shots and the parties.'
I should really keep this post-professional and all that but SIS SNAPPED.
The next song on the album, 'Third Eye' was the song that had Emma's followers most excited for. As soon as the song starts, the darker electro vibe kicks in. I feel like this song showcase's Emma's vocals the best. During the song, Emma is talking about her and her enemy fighting a losing battle. Emma has also said that 'Third Eye' is her favourite song from the album and it is within my top 5!
'What I Felt With You' is a Ballad-type song taking us through a break up where the two drifted apart naturally with lyrics such as 'Sometimes I miss your touch' and 'There used to be a time, When you were my only thought, but I, I used to call you mine, Now I don't think of you at all'. Very powerful lyrics - again, amazing songwriting.
'Burn The Witch(my personal favourite title) is the sister song to 'Dirt' - according to Emma. Letting out her last bit of frustration about the situation. With a fun vibe to the song but powerful lyrics such as 'Roses are red, violets are blue, Lady Karma's a bitch and she's coming for you'.
Lastly, the last song from the album is 'Villains PT.2' - the second part of 'Villains PT.1' (obviously). Within the song, she sings 'Am I kidding myself, blaming somebody else, I’m my own biggest villain' which I am sure everyone can relate too. As much as you know how bad someone has treated you, you, yourself can be your own villain. This song is one of my favourites because I relate to this song the most. I am definitely my own villain sometimes! Within the song too, it shows some amazing vocals from Emma - very impressed.
Overall, this album is a very personal album. When you listen to music, you can hear that Emma has put her heart and soul into every song. There are also songs people can relate too - like me. 

Overall Rating:


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