These Girls These Boys - Sleep When I'm Dead | Song Review

 These Girls These Boys are a new band which features members Vanessa Morgan and Drew Ray Tanner, both Riverdale stars. In an Instagram post, Vanessa had mentioned: “releasing new music is a very vulnerable thing to do.” She also said “Drew and I started working on music just for fun a year ago. Finally, during quarantine, we decided why not just drop the songs we wrote as a mixtape under ‘These Girls These Boys.”

I think this song is so 21st century because the “I Can Sleep When I'm Dead” is the mindset all millennials have right now. Staying up all day and night never getting any sleep is fun, no one wants to miss out on the fun. I think the beat is so perfect for trying to keep a sleepy mind wide awake.

This song is very funky, and I am in love with it, it makes me want to jump around my house and clean. I can see this being played at a sleepover when everyone is pulling all-nighters or at a rave at midnight and everyone is just jumping around having fun. No one knew that the two were working on any music and all of the fans are in love with this new single, saying they’re all so proud and this is their new favourite song.

“Baby don’t be shy, come on over and tell me about yourself
I don’t mind If there is nothing else, we can talk all night.
Baby don’t be shy don’t sweat the small stuff, get over your self.
Take my hand like there is no one else and we’ll be fine”

These lyrics are at the start of the song and I sing them every single time, it is so addicting! It’s all about being yourself and not being in your head about small things that don’t matter at the moment. With over 100 thousand streams and view on YouTube, this song is fresh, new and a complete bop.

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