Gabbie Hanna - Glass House | Song Review

 Gabbie Hanna has released her second single from her upcoming EP 'Bad Karma' set to be released later this month.

Gabbie Hanna is so diverse with her music. Her previous single, 'Dandelion', is a slow, mellow song which is supposed to have a different meaning to each listener. However, 'Glass House' has a dark and mysterious vibe lurking in the background mixed with pop sounds and musical theatre inspirations. This is what I mean by Gabbie Hanna is a diverse musician. She experiments with so many sounds and expressing her art in multiple ways.

I always say everyone has their own take on what music means, which is why I love music. Everyone will be able to relate to it differently and interpret it in their own way.

In my opinion, 'Glass House' is about not hearing the full story. As Gabbie is a social media influencer, people share things online about her, accusing her of different things that may not be true. People sometimes believe what is online and they may not be getting the full story from Gabbie herself. Within the lyrics, Gabbie sings:

All you see is black and white

All I see is red

Which means people are only seeing what they want to see or what's on the surface. Not allowing Gabbie to explain her side of the story. The colour red is usually seen as a colour for danger and this might be Gabbie explaining that she is seeing danger in the people who are listening to only one side of the story.

I really like Gabbie's music. I don't think she gets enough credit for the talent she holds in her songwriting and musical artistry.

The music video for this song is very well done. Since the whole COVID-19 pandemic people have started getting really creative with their music videos and other projects which I love it. 'Glass House' music video is a screen recording of a computer, with Gabbie opening different tabs of pictures and videos of her lipsyncing to the song. It is such a simple idea but it has been executed perfectly but it also looks like it took time to make perfect. This is possibly my favourite music video of Gabbie's - it is very creative and goes with the song so well.

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