Sam Sky (ft. Angel Cintron) - I H8 The Internet | Song Review

 Sam Sky has released his new single called 'I H8 The Internet' featuring Angel Cintron.

I have reviewed Sam Sky's music before and I have loved all of his releases running up to this song. This is probably his best song and one of my favourites he has released. The production, vocals and lyrics are so tight and clean and to add to the mix, Angel's vocals are a great addition. A really good song overall.

'I H8 The Internet' is all about not having the best relationship with the internet. As much as it is a good place to share your thoughts and reach a wide range of people, it also brings its bad side. This song does include lyrics that describe things such as online bullying and suicide which is a huge problem the internet can lead too.

Sam has said that he wrote this song at when the internet wasn’t making him feel great at all. The frustration of the algorithms that take over the Internet, like a barrier stopping people from coming in. But people may relate to the song differently, especially with situations such as comparing yourself to Instagram influences. We have all felt this way and it can make people feel trapped.

I really like the fact Angel jumped on this song - giving her side of the story. Angel has been able to gain over 100,000 followers on Instagram and can share her feelings about the internet from a well known point of view.

As much as we all hate the internet sometimes, it can also be such a good place - make sure you spread positivity.

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